The Most Nostalgic ’90s Fashion Trends That Are Probably In Your Wardrobe Right Now

Things to dig out of your loft: leather blazers and shoulder bags.

Sex In The City

by Natalie Hammond |

Nineties fashion is officially having a moment, although perhaps 'moment' doesn't quite do it justice. A more suitable introduction would perhaps be to say that '90s style is having a wholehearted renaissance. All the supermodels/Insta-stars are wearing the tank tops, cargo pants, leather jackets, slip dresses, mom jeans and square-toed shoes that we last saw on Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford in the '90s. And everywhere you look online, shops are trying to capitalise on our obsession with Rachel Green's boot-leg jeans or Moesha's tie-fronted cardigan. But, before you start filling your shopping basket with nostalgic pieces, here are the six items to dig out of your wardrobe first.


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Leather Coats
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You can thank Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Halle Berry and the Spice Girls for our obsession with leather blazers, jackets and coats. And, let's not forget about the secret style icon for so many celebrities right now – Neo from The Matrix.

Boot-Cut jeans
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Brooke Shields made boot-cut jeans famous in 1980, thanks to that iconic Calvin Klein ad, and the '90s supers cemented the shape's cult status. They've since fallen out of fashion, replaced by skinnies, straight-legs and cropped flares, but Kate Moss has cracked hers out - and we're not far behind.

Strappy tops
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You last wore a spaghetti-strapped top like Jennifer Aniston's with flared jeans to a school disco, but it's something of a staple for today's Insta-stars - and they don't save it for after-hours. Wear yours with a flannel shirt over the top and Doc Martens.

Chain Belts
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When you think of chain belts, you may think of Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days or excellent girl bands like All Saints. Either way, they're a distinctly '90s phenomenon and one that's currently – thanks to fashion's new preoccupation with the decade – firmly back on the radar.

Extra Denim
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OTT denim – we're talking stonewash, oversized, tie-dye and the kind of high-waisted, wide-leg jeans you haven't seen since Janet Jackson in the '90s. We can't think of better time to crack out a Canadian tuxedo so be sure to double up on your statement jeans.

Shoulder Bags
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An It bag meant Fendi's baguette to Carrie and Samantha, and its shape, short strap and small enough to tuck under the armpit, is still the ultimate.

Louche Tailoring
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Iman, wearing head-to-toe white tailoring complete with a string of pearls in 1990, nailed the ultimate party look if you don't want to appear like you're trying too hard.

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SHOP: The Best Of 90s Fashion Now

Missoma, Chunky Radial Belt, £295
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Slip this chunky chain through your belt loops as a substitute for earrings or necklaces.

By Far, Rachel Bag, £300 at Selfridges
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By Far is your one-stop-shop for '90s-style shoulder bags.

Staud, White And Brown Tommy Canvas Shoulder Bag, £260
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Staud's cream and brown shoulder bag will be the accessories equivalent of your BFF.

Weekday, Faux Leather Blazer, £70
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Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, each put their stamp on the leather blazer in the '90s.

Nanushka, Vegan Leather Blazer, £665
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Black leather is classic, but this minty fresh shade is also tempting.

Completedworks, Deep State Gold Vermeil Earrings, £210
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Completedworks puts a twist on the classic hoop with these earrings.

Image Gang, Gracie Hoops, £22
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Image Gang's Gracie Hoops are perfect if you want something a little more statement-making.

Frankie Shop, Padded Cotton T-Shirt, £75
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This tank top, with its sculptural shoulders, caused quite the stir on Instagram.

& Other Stories, Mini Tube Top, £23
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This Carrie Bradshaw favourite - the tube top - comes with a matching skirt.

Arket, Ribbed Racer Tank, £15
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Arket's Ribbed Racer Tank comes in eight colours and is made from 100% organic cotton.

& Other Stories, Leather Thong Strap Sandals, £85
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These black leather flip-flops with a slight platform are very '90s Jen An.

M&S, Leather Flatform Flip-Flops, £35
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M&S's £35 leather flip-flops were a sensation this summer.

Arket, Straight Cropped Jeans, £59
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Arket's denim department has always been superlative for straight-leg jeans.

LF Markey, Wilder Jeans Indigo, £110
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LF Markey's Wilder Jeans have a very slight flare if you're afraid of the boot cut.

Ganni, Cotton Canvas Belt Pants, £225
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Ganni's version of cargo pants would look super sleek with a white tank top.

Daily Paper, Cargo Pants, £90
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Daily Paper's cargo pants are made for silk scarf tops.

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