Is It Just Us Or Is Anne Hathaway Having A Fashion Renaissance?

She's the new queen of va-va-voom on the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway

by Natalie Hammond |
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Anne Hathaway has officially entered her hot girl era. As the newly-minted campaign star for Versace - who just launched its latest collection, Icons, for the 'multi-faceted' woman - Anne is wearing the ultimate sexy outfit. A scoop-necked bodice, a leather jacket and a shiny belt, worn with fitted jeans and a messy fringe, it's a zero-effort, high-impact combo. Nigel would approve.

Anne Hathaway Versace

This is just the latest in a string of sizzling looks. Anne is officially having a style renaissance - a ren_anne_ssance, you might say - which includes front row appearances at fashion shows that require outfits from the crème de la crème of cool designers. Recent hits include a mock-croc minidress at Versace - which she styled with sky-high platform boots - and spangled leopard-print tights for Valentino.

Anne Hathaway Versace

All evidence points to the fact she's hit her fashion stride at 40. For this year's Berlinale International Film Festival, Anne wore the haute version of athleisure on the red carpet - a hooded bodysuit and slinky leather skirt from Alaïa. Fire emoji.

Anne Hathaway Berlin International Film Festival

She also packed the chicest dress from Valentino, a reveal-and-conceal number, constructed of what looked like tiny black bow ties, that she paired with the red carpet's accessory du jour: elbow-length gloves. Walking that ever-so-fine line between cheeky and classy, she knocked it out of the park with a final flourish - a set of bangs that was straight up Andy Sachs.

Anne Hathaway Berlinale International Film Festival
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