Love Island’s Yewande Biala Says Curtis Pritchard Is The Biggest Game Player In The Villa

She has a few things to say about Michael behaviour too…

Curtis Pritchard

by Georgia Aspinall |

Love Island oracle Yewande Biala might’ve seen Michael Griffith’s ‘heartbreaker’ tendencies a mile off, but if there’s one person that’s made her question everything, it’s Curtis Pritchard. The 23-year-old scientist appeared on Good Morning Britain yesterday and revealed that having watched his behaviour towards Amy Hart in recent episodes, he may actually be the biggest game player in the villa.

‘I think some people are really genuine and some people have a game plan,’ she told host Susanna Reid, ‘From watching it yesterday Curtis really shocked me. I'm still confused how you can go from 100 to zero real quick.

‘He basically said to Amy he's been lying from the start which kind of makes you question everything really,’ she continued, ‘Did you have a game plan from the start? How have you kept lying to her for four weeks? That's a long time to lie to someone.’


Amy pulled Curtis for a chat about their relationship last night

Amy pulled Curtis for a chat about their relationship last night
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Also commenting on Michael’s reaction to dumping Amber – which has since even turned his own fan account against him – she went on to say that despite being wary of him from the get go, she was hugely saddened by his behaviour.

‘I’m just really disappointed in the way he handled yesterday’s situation,’ she said, ‘he came in guns blazing and didn’t once apologise to Amber or even acknowledge what he’s done and was so quick to call her childish.’

When questioned on whether the point of the show is to make these tough decisions to recouple, she explained, ‘It is important to go with your gut and if you do have a connection it’s also important to highlight it to the person you’re coupled up with,

‘What Michael did was highlighted all of Amber’s bad qualities to Joanna,’ she continued, ‘and went in guns blazing saying “you’re childish, you didn’t open to me” and never once took responsibility for his actions and I think that’s where the issue was.’

Honestly, if this proves anything it’s that the best connection to come out of Love Island 2019 is the friendship between all of the girls. Can they send Yewande back in and have her couple up with Amber? We’d vote for that in an instant.

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