Teenage Dirtbag: The TikTok Trend Celebrities Are Obsessed With

From Victoria Beckham to Paris Hilton, here are a few of our favourites from the viral throwback trend.

victoria beckham

by Aaliyah Harry |
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It has been more than 20 years since the song 'Teenage Dirtbag' was released by Wheatus in 2000. Now, a viral TikTok trend to the song has led A-list celebrities to take a trip down memory lane. Did you know this TikTok trend actually first surfaced last summer? Recently it caught fire again and has returned to internet with vengeance. The trend was previously used for people to show their past fashion faux-pas, but now it's all about people exposing pictures of the slightly embarrassing yet nostalgic teenage versions of themselves. From Victoria Beckham to Paris Hilton - all the celebrities are jumping on the trend. It's the gift that keeps on giving and we are obsessed!

What does 'Teenage Dirtbag' mean?

Wheatus first released the song, Teenage Dirtbag in 2000. Now, some people have been looking back at their past selves and making a video using the song. For a few, the phrase 'teenage dirtbag' denotes the rebellious phase they once had in their lives. Meanwhile, for others, it looks back at some of their most embarrassing moments and the ones they have left long back. Nonetheless, the trend has picked up everyone’s interest and has started quite a buzz on the platform. Thanks to all the celebrities co-signing Wheatus' song alongside their throwback snaps, it has caused streaming numbers to soar.

Now that we are all clued up here are Grazia's favourite celebrity 'Teenage Dirt Bag' videos:

Victoria Beckham

This just screams iconic. Of course Victoria was sure to get some Posh Spice snaps in there. Not many people can casually say their teenage years were filled with being in one of the biggest girl bands in the world... Spice up your life!

Paris Hilton

Paris Hiltonwas made for this trend. She wrote across the video 'This trend when you were one of the most iconic y2k teens.' She then captioned the video, 'So sorry to everyone else but I win this trend.' She's not wrong...

Brooke Shields

She casually captioned the post, 'Heard this was a thing.' Do these count? She proceeded to post some beautiful pictures from her Blue Lagoon days. One fan commented under the video, ' No these don't count but I still love you.'

Alicia Silverstone

UGH, AS IF! We all know Alicia as the iconic Cher from Clueless, but have you seen these other throwback images?

Joe Jonas

As one of the leading 2000's Disney Channel star's and 1/3 of teen band Jonas Brothers - Joe Jonashad a very cool childhood. Of course he's now married to Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner...which is even cooler!

Jimmy Fallon

US TV host Jimmy Fallon gave a sweet glimpse into his teenage years with these never seen before images:

Terry Crews

Yes, Terry Crews has always been cool and athletic and these throwback snaps show just that. In one he poses with a shot put and another with some basketballs - he's always been an all rounder!

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