Taylor Swift’s Gets Ready To Go Out Listening To…

Taylor Swift

by Edwina Langley |
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We know how we like to get ready, listening to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, obviously...

But how does the great Taylor do it – by busting out We Found Love by her year-long beau Calvin Harris, perhaps?


According to her new Apple Music promo video, the 26-year-old singer actually gets ready to The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, a song she used to listen to in middle school, she has revealed.

Following the success of her last promo for Apple Music – where the star was filmed getting so carried away to a song whilst working out that she actually fell off the treadmill – Taylor is filmed lip-syncing, whilst pulling out a series of energetic head bashing and air guitar moves.

The clip ends with Taylor dropping the lipstick (which she'd hitherto used as a mike) before the tag line 'Every Song For Every Moment' flashes up on-screen.

Posting the video to social media yesterday, Taylor captioned it: 'Getting ready to go out… @AppleMusic @JimmyEatWorld'

So far it has received 1.2million likes on Instagram and 46,000 likes and 21,000 retweets on Twitter, but in all honesty, we wouldnt be surprised if we saw the 2001 track make a re-entry into the charts.

Because if it helps Taylor get all glitzy and red carpet ready, can you imagine what it will do for us on our nights down the pub?

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