The Best Coachella Style Transformations

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Coachella has fiercely dominated our Facebook, Twitter and Insta-feeds since last Thursday and with the whole shebang happening all over again this weekend, it doesn’t seem to be relenting anytime soon.

What we have noticed is just how different everyone looks.

Serious question: Has the potent mix of sunshine, live music and drinking beer in designated pens gone to our favourite A-listers heads and made them switch up their whole look? Now seems like a very good time to be a hair stylist in Los Angeles. Not that we are complaining of course, as we now have plenty of dreamy aesthetic inspo for when the UK festival season begins. Hurrah!

Here are our favourite Coachella style transformations, complete with captions – because, yes, some of them are that extreme.

Taylor Swift

T-swizzle took the opportunity to debut her new bleach blonde bob at Coachella, hilariously referring it to #bleachella. Why is she so god-damn relatable? (we love you Tay). She completed the look with a pillar-box red lippy and raybans and looks so cool it hurts. It definitely seems like a long way from her Fearless days.

Kylie Jenner

Prior to this year’s Coachella, we were wondering, ‘has Kylie had every hair colour yet?’ Now we can rest assured that she definitely has. Kudos to the lipstick connoisseur, who rocked both a bright orange and a rainbow-ombre-sorta wig over the weekend and looked sensational. We are not sure if we are brave enough to copy though.

Hailey Baldwin

The model switched up her normal blonde hair for something a little ashier, giving a mighty nod to this season's hair colour. Grey hair is not just for your Grandma, guys.

Bella Thorne

The Disney channel star showed us a new way to apply glitter – under your eyebrows – genius! We were running out of places to put the sparkly stuff (we've already had glitter roots, glitter tearsand even glitter pits - yes, really).

Vanessa Hudgens

If there is one thing we have learned from Coachella, it’s that Vanessa Hudgens loves it. Coachella and Vanesssa is the new love affair that could perhaps even rival Talvin or Leyrl. She even had a new weave and a $190 manicure done especially.

Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham at Coachella festival ©Getty

When did David Beckham’s eldest son become an actual adult?! With his new Coachella braids and his Hawaiian shirt, he is channelling a sorta - Harry-Styles-grunge vibe and we are a fan!

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