Why Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Is A Gift From The Reality TV Gods

'Some people call it fraud. I call it love.'


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If you’re just about to start watching the third series of Netflix’s real estate reality show Selling Sunset, you’ll already be aware of Christine Quinn’s work. With such soundbites as, ‘Some call it fraud, I call it love’ and ‘I’m not going to lie: they say there are too many cooks in the kitchen: there are too many bitches in this office’, Christine, 31, has really found her feet as one of the new queens of reality in season two.

The show, created by The Hills mastermind Adam Divello, centres around The Oppenheim Group, a real estate company founded by Jason Oppenheim and his twin brother Brett, which leases and sells huge Los Angeles properties. Many of them are owned by celebrities - they are currently working with Orlando Bloom - and sales can bag million dollar commissions for the realtors.

Amidst lavish shots of the luxurious properties, with elevators, home cinemas and 12 car garages, the Oppenheim Group staff provide the drama. Christine, alongside her colleagues and castmates Heather Rae Young, Chrishell Stause (who recently divorced This Is Us star Jason Hartley), Mary Fitzgerald, Davina Portraz and Maya Vander, give us screaming matches, backstabbing and sequin dresses during the day - the office dress code is ‘extra’. But none of them is as extra as Christine - who enters season two from the steps of a private jet, having taken her last huge commission and gone on a tour of different five star resorts around the world with her mega rich fiancé Christian Richard, who is retired at 41 (they’re now married).

Having fallen out with Chrishell in season one, Christine says she feels she was intentionally edited as the villain but hopes viewers will see a different side to her in season two. She said in an interview recently, ‘Just because I'm witty and funny and I'm quick and I'm smart and I say these things, I get cast as the quote unquote villain, but I'm not a mean girl. I just call it like it is. I think it's a quality that everyone would love to have, but everyone doesn't necessarily have, you know? It's a blessing and it's a curse.’

Whether you like her or think she’s the ultimate reality mean girl, here’s all the times Christine was iconic in season two:

1. The theme of her engagement party to Christian was ‘Sexual Phantom of the Opera’.

2. She buys Louis Vuitton handbags using her husband’s credit card while he’s asleep. ‘Some people call it fraud, I just call it love’.

3. She wears 4 foot long, chain-adorned ponytails to work. Speaking in a recent interview Christine admitted that she felt her ponytail meant she had to start some drama. ‘I go, Okay, how can I get this outfit the most camera time? What am I going to fuck up today? I'm ready to let shit go down. I had this fire ponytail in season 2, and I told my hair stylist, ‘This is going to see some airtime cause I'm going to fuck shit up today.’ Sure enough, that was the scene where I'm like yelling at Mary and I'm just ready to take over the world. It’s a feeling.’

4. She really, really doesn’t beat around the bush. ‘I’m not fake, I mean my tits are fake but that’s it, I’m not fake’, she insists during one episode.

5. She has to walk downstairs backwards because her heels are so high.

6. She had a Gothic wedding, and wore a black dress (this will air in episodes due to drop in August). The theme was ‘winter wonderland with a wicked twist’, they had black swans, and according to People magazine ‘the bride walked down the aisle in ruby-red Christian Louboutins to a string quartet playing the Ava Max hit “Sweet but Psycho.”’

7. Her excuse for not being able to work one Saturday is a nail appointment. ‘Seriously, she also does Ariana Grande’s she’s really busy!’

Selling Sunset is on Netflix now

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