The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Have Reached One Direction Levels Of Fandom In Australia

Teenage girls crying, children running into the sea to spot them, people arrested?!

Prince Harry

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Australia has better weather, better beaches, better McDonalds (they put gravy on fries out there?!) and now apparently, they’ve had to upstage us once more at our very own game: obsessing about the Royal Family.

That’s right, we may instantly cause numerous items from Meghan Markle’s, Kate Middleton’s, and even Princess Charlotte’s wardrobe to sell out, but nothing can compare to the Royal Mania that is currently sweeping Australia. Picture a One Direction concert, pre-Zayn’s betrayal, when fans would burst into tears just at the proximity of their favourite boyband, that’s what we’re dealing with here.

Just hours ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle completed the third day of their Royal Tour, visiting Melbourne attracting thousands of fans at each location they went to. Not only did their supporters literally wade into the sea to get a good look at the Duke and Duchess when they strolled onto the beach (in highly unpractical attire, just saying), but one royal spectator was also arrested at the Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s not known why he was arrested, but the drama of it all is worlds above the treatment Meghan and Harry get when they say, visit the opening of the new Runcorn Bridge…

However, the crowning moment of One-D fandom style glory came when one teenage girl broke down in tears as Harry gave her a hug. 19-year-old India Brown was so elated by the act she was inconsolable after.

‘Prince Harry just hugged me,’ she told The Herald Sun. ‘I’ve loved that family since I was eight and I’ve followed them around the world. It was just such an opportunity and I just went for it, I didn’t expect it to happen because it’s actually against protocol.

‘I said “I know it’s against royal protocol but can I please have a hug?”’ she added, ‘He hugged me and I burst into tears. He just said “Oh you’re going to get me in trouble”’

The takeaway from this? Prince Harry is clearly the Harry Styles of the Royal Family and we all need to step our Royal obsession up.

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