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Who Is Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue? Here’s Your Need To Know

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There’s more to Rosie Fortescue than being on Made In Chelsea, you know. Like the fact that she went to the same school as Kate Middleton...

Rosie Fortescue is one of the Made In Chelsea originals. And who doesn't love an original cast member? She's been on the show since it’s humble beginnings in 2011 - yep, we’ve been watching the show for that long - and though these days she's not as constant a presence as she was back in the day (sob), she still crops up every now and then with a witty one liner and some no-nonsense advice.

But how much do you really know about Rosie? Besides the fact that she’s BFFs with Binky Felstead, Millie Mackintosh and Louise Thompson, and can be relied upon to fill those awkward silences with whatever’s on her mind?

Fancy finding out? We thought so. Here's your need to know on Rosie Fortescue:

How old is Rosie Fortescue?

She’s currently 28 years old. Her date of birth 3 January 1990. Pop it in your calendar if you like.

Where did Rosie Fortescue go to school?

Rosie went to Downe House Boarding School. The very same girls’ school that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge went to. NBD. (Although, we feel we should add that the Duchess only attended Downe for two terms, due to some not very nice behaviour from her fellow classmates). After that she headed off to Goldsmiths, University of London to do a History of Art degree which seems rather fitting, don't you think?

Does Rosie Fortescue have a twin sister?

Why yes she does. Her name is Lily and no, they’re not identical. Fun fact: last year Lily launched a new dating app called Ciao. It's focused on location based dating, so instead of matching you with a whole bunch of virtual singles within a few miles' radius, it should pair you up with people in the same bar or venue, meaning you're far more likely to approach them IRL. Plus, it puts safety at the forefront of the experience, which is always a plus in our view.

Does Rosie Fortescue have a blog?

It’s called _At Fashion Forte_ and it’s all about Rosie’s love of fashion - particularly street style. She looks positively amazing in each and every photo of course, and seems to post pretty regularly which is a bonus if you fancy giving it a follow.

Rosie’s jewellery line

Rosie founded her own jewellery line called, you guessed it, Rosie Fortescue Jewellery. She's good a cool collection of IRL wearable bits and bobs that won't completely break the bank, which is a plus. She also created a collection - The Dreamy collection - with jewellery brand Laura Gravestock a little while ago.

Rosie Fortescue's net worth

Oh hello, nosey. It's estimated to be 1.1 million.

Rosie on Twitter

She’s @RosieFortescue and tends to tweet a lot about her blog, jewellery, her column in the Evening Standard and other fashion-y things.

Rosie on Instagram

She goes by @rosiefortescue over here as well, which is helpful. Again, lots of really cool, very beautiful shots of her street style stuff, all dressed up for fancy events and just generally being Rosie Fortescue. But she also likes to throw a foodie shot into the mix every now and again. Mac and cheese has popped up more than once.

Rosie on Snapchat

We don’t think she has one, sorry pal. Turns out it's not her thing. To ease the pain, check out our list of Made In Chelsea cast members who do have Snapchat, ranked in order of who we'd most like to have a pint with.

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Rosie's dog

Sadly, Rosie's miniature chihuahua Noodle passed away back in April. The MIC star shared the sad news with her Instagram followers shortly after, thanking her beloved pet for '14 of the happiest years of my life.' I'm not crying, you're crying...

Rosie Fortescue and Kim Kardashian

There are two names you probably never expected to find side-by-side, but here we are. Two reality TV world collide. What's the occasion? Well, funnily enough, Rosie sat to interview Kim Kardashian about the Kardashian collaboration with Lipsy back in 2014. You can watch what went down below:

Rosie Fortescue's boyfriend? Is she single?

Rosie is either a) very much single b) not one of those showy social media relationship types c) all of the above. Which we appreciate.

Rosie Fortescue's parents? Who are her family?

Rosie's sister Lily Fortescue owns her own underwear company called Cheek Frills and is living her best life with her Insta famous puppy and forever making us jealous with her constant holidaying.

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