It’s Perfectly Reasonable That Rihanna ‘Gets Tired Of Men’, Too


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Rihanna's love life is probably one of the most speculated about in the biz, but we're all way too quick to forget that it's Rihanna, and despite the endless rumours are churned and circulated, she'll be keeping her romantic cards close to her chest.

Drake's declaration of love at the 2016 MTV Music Awards didn't go down that well, and it was only recently that we found out just how much that speech made her uncomfortable. And when RiRi was spotted with Saudi businessman and billionaire Hassan Jameel in Spain last year, it took a while for the world to work out that they were in a legitimate relationship.

Nevertheless, the latest word on the internet is that Rihanna has ended her relationship with Hassan because 'she gets tired of men sometime'. Fair play, good for you and preach to the devoted choir, RiRi.

As with much internet gossip, we're taking this anonymous source-verified information with a handful of salt. One of Rihanna's girlfriends is reported to have told MediaTakeOutNews that she ended the relationship with Hassan. 'Rihanna and him were together for a while it was a good relationship, but now it's over', she said.

'Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes', the friend said, and no, we're not going to take that as a bad thing.

Assuming the reports are true, Rihanna apparently made a decision to end a relationship with someone she wasn't into anymore and the use of the word 'tire' to describe the drain that ensues in a not-so-great relationship is so, SO, apt.

I get tired of men sometimes. I think, in the current social, political and cultural climates, many of us are pretty damn tired of men right now. So yes, while it's perhaps a little unfortunate that celebrity cupid wasn't into the pairing of Rihanna the Great and Hassan Jamel, the main thing is that Rihanna is tired. And that's a perfectly reasonable justification to call time on the mental man-strain.

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Rihanna's Style Transformation - Grazia

Rihanna fashion outfit
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Back in 2005, Rihanna would team low-rise boyfriend jeans with a gaudy halterneck. Oh the Noughties! Oh our eyes! What an incredible time for casual dressing.

Rihanna fashion outfit
2 of 31

Remember the time Rihanna took style pointers from 'Ender's Kat Slater? Well, you do now.

Rihanna fashion outfit
3 of 31

Rihanna returns after a break in music in 2009 with an edgy haircut (which was to be replicated by millions) and a mannish tux.

Rihanna fashion outfit
4 of 31

Rihanna begins to step outside her comfort zone in a daring assemble that she is known for today. With big, burgundy hair and a mesh length frock, we adore this award-ceremony look.

Rihanna fashion outfit
5 of 31

Rih goes gothic with a plunging bandeau bralet and a fishtail mesh skirt to match.

Rihanna fashion outfit
6 of 31

It's 2012, and Rihanna is back looking hella classy with a fantastic blend of dangerous. Oh and we are obsessed with the honey-hued lob.

Rihanna fashion outfit
7 of 31

It's the 2014 Grammy awards and Rihanna opts for a shimmering yellow, floor-length evening gown, playing homage to her Caribbean roots.

Rihanna fashion outfit
8 of 31

Another bold sartorial choice from Rihanna. The star went to a Los Angeles dinner wearing nipple pasties, a draping white skirt and fishnet stockings. Definitely not one for the shrinking violets amongst us.

Rihanna fashion outfit
9 of 31

Oooh the wrath of teenage rebellion! Rihanna goes full goth whilst unveiling the artwork for her album 'ANTI'.

Rihanna fashion outfit
10 of 31

Here is Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala wearing that cape, which afterwards inspired hundreds of memes, including one that compared her assemble to a 'spilled omelette'. We are obsessed.

Rihanna fashion outfit
11 of 31

In 2015, Rihanna teams a Celine dress with Nike kicks and gives a whole new meaning to 'Sports Luxe'.

Rihanna fashion outfit
12 of 31

Rihanna turns up to Coachella in a floor-length violet fur coat, a beautifully parred-down purple lip and clashing Doc Martens.

Rihanna fashion outfit
13 of 31

Any devotees to the pyjamma trend take note, as RiRi wears nightwear as outerwear like a pro.

Rihanna fashion outfit
14 of 31

The Wild Thoughts singer waltzes around New York in a gorgeous salmon-pink assemble which screams 'Barbie paradise'. In a good way, of course.

Rihanna fashion outfit
15 of 31

Rihanna contrasts a printed floor-length smock dress with a bold lip and biiig hair.

Rihanna fashion outfit
16 of 31

During the 2016 Tidal Event, the songstress wears a boob-skimming blazer co-ord with white ankle boots.

Rihanna fashion outfit
17 of 31

Rihanna channeled her inner-princess side at her Fenty Beauty launch by wearing a lilac tulle dress by Molly Goddard.

Rihanna fashion outfit
18 of 31

Bad Gal RIRI quite literally turned the fashion world on it's head, by rocking up to the 2017 Met Gala in Comme des Garçons assemble. Outfit or art? We are torn.

Rihanna fashion outfit
19 of 31

Rihanna gives a new meaning to athleisure in neon pink tracksuit and a contrasting sky-blue sports bra.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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One of the most iconic looks from Ms Fenty, to date. When asked by Laverne Cox what gave her the courage to wear the sheer Adam Selman dress to the CFDA Awards in 2014, she said: “Dear Laverne, I took advantage of my t***ies before they go south. I saw my window, and I took it.” Hear hear.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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Rihanna oozes attitude, despite wearing a ruffled, polka dot dress to the Kid's Choice Awards in 2010.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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The songstress never been one to shy away from head-turning stage outfits. Here she is in an ab-skimming, gold detailed tracksuit, that is definitely too showy to wear to your morning pilates class...

Rihanna fashion outfit
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The Take A Bow singer paid homage to a young Britney Spears at the 2005 World Music Awards. Though kudos for rocking a skirt brighter than Harper Beckham's future .

Rihanna fashion outfit
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2006 Rihanna ups the glam-factor in a simple, but oh-so stylish nude dress. Princess-esque and almost a little too perfect from the Wild Thoughts singer.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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The songstress was spotted at the 2006 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards wearing er, spots! Oh and fuchsia pink leggings which we all can admit to wearing at one point...

Rihanna fashion outfit
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Once upon a time, Bad Gal Ri Ri would coordinate her oversized knit, baker cap and tights. There is hope for us all.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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A wholesome Rihanna rocked up to the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards wearing white skinny jeans (remember those days?) and a teeny weeny sequin-encrusted waistcoat. She had the Island-girl image nailed.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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Define Noughties fashion in one picture? Denim skirt - check. Lace-detailed cami - check. Metallic cowboys - check. Rih Rih looks every inch a R&B artist of 2005.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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Rihanna plays it safe with a black LBD and stilettos in 2007.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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One of Ms Fenty's most low-key looks to date. The lipstick connoisseur plays it safe with a black LBD and simple accessories. Miles away from her 'fur coat, no bra' aesthetic ten years on.

Rihanna fashion outfit
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Rihanna wears a glitzy bodycon dress and perfectly permed tresses to the 2006 MTV awards.

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