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Prince Harry Is Recruiting A New Private Secretary

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Prince Harry’s private secretary Edward Lane Fox is leaving his role after more than spending five years as the Prince’s ‘right hand man,’ it has been confirmed by Kensington Palace, meaning that Harry is in the market for a new associate (though don't expect to see this particular vacancy popping up on LinkedIn just yet...)

Formerly a captain in the Household Cavalry, Lane Fox first met Harry on military duties, and began working for him shortly after the Prince returned from his infamous trip to Las Vegas in 2012. Indeed, he is credited with helping to turn Harry’s reputation around from so-called ‘party Prince’ to a working royal focused on international initiatives such as the Invictus Games. More recently, he has reportedly been assisting Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle as she navigates the transition to royal life.

Lane Fox is set to leave his role later this summer, following Harry and Meghan’s wedding. In a statement, Kensington Palace praised his hard work and ‘valued advice,’ saying: ‘His Royal Highness is hugely grateful to Ed for his hard work during a period that has seen the launch and growth of the Invictus Games, countless tours around the world, and the detailed planning for next month’s wedding.'

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‘Ed has led the creation of Prince Harry’s private office and the development of His Royal Highness’s work across a range of issues since leaving the Armed Forces,’ the statement continued. ‘He has worked tirelessly, providing valued advice to Prince Harry and leadership of a growing team.’

While the Palace recruits a successor for Lane Fox, the role of Prince Harry’s private secretary will be covered by Samantha Cohen, who previously served as the assistant private secretary to the Queen but resigned from her role last summer.

The news of this resignation follows confirmation from Kensington Palace that Miguel Head, Prince William’s private secretary of five years, would be leaving the Royal Household. His successor has been named as Simon Case, who previously served as Director General Northern Ireland and Ireland in the Department for Exiting the EU.

Ahead of her marriage to Prince Harry, the Royal Household has confirmed a new private secretary for Meghan Markle: Amy Pickerill, previously a senior communications officer for the Palace, has already been photographed with the former actress at a number of official royal events.

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