Orlando Bloom Misspells His Son’s Name In New Morse Code Tattoo

He joins Ariana Grande in tattoo translations going wrong.

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While it’s not everyone’s style, getting a tattoo for your child is surely one of the most (permanent) markers you can get to shout the world that you love your offspring. And Orlando Bloom is one of the latest celebrities to get a tattoo to honor their child. The actor revealed the ink on Instagram earlier this week, which is a tribute to his nine-year-old son Flynn in morse code.

One slight problem, though - it’s spelled wrong. ‘New #tattoo can you guess who?’ Orlando wrote in the Instagram caption. But fans were quick to spot that it wasn’t one hundred per cent accurate. The tattoo skips a dot to improperly spell out F-R-Y-N-N, which also includes the date and time of Flynn’s birth: Jan. 6, 2011, at 9:03 a.m.

Hungarian artist Balazs Bercsenyi, pictured in the photo with Bloom, created the tattoo for the star. However, panic over - as the tattoo artist promised that he would fix the inking. Sharing the tattoo on Instagram, he wrote, ‘A beautiful reminder for @orlandobloom of his son. And yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed :)’

Orlando obviously isn’t the only celeb to go back into the tattoo parlour to correct a mistake. Ariana Grande made a similar error last year, when she got an inking in honour of her single 7 Rings. The tattoo, which was on her palm, was meant to spell out in Japanese the title of her new single. The final result, however, actually translated to a Japanese-style BBQ grill, which she went to get fixed.

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Celebrities with Matching Tattoos

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CREDIT: Instagram/selenagomez

Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels

The two friends each got an arrow on their hand so that when they are holding hands, the arrows point to each other.

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CREDIT: Instagram/mr.k_tattoo

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The newlyweds chose a quote from Disney's Toy Story to show their commitment to each other.

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CREDIT: Instagram/chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

The parents of two got their children's names, Luna and Miles, scripted on their arms.

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CREDIT: Instagram/haileybaldwin

Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner

Hailey and Kendall went for a little heart on the inside of their fingers. No one else will see it, but they'll know it's there.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne

Margot tatted herself and Cara while on the set of Suicide Squad, which really brings trusting your BFF to a new level.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin

Big fans of a white tattoo, Kendall and Hailey got a simple dot each on their fingers.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn

DD = Delevingne and Dunn.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Hailey and Ireland Baldwin

Hailey and her cousin Ireland got their last name inked on their middle fingers. At this point, does Hailey have any fingers that aren't tattooed?

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CREDIT: Instagram/parisjackson

Paris Jackson and Macaulay Culkin

Paris Jackson and her godfather Macaulay Culkin got matching wooden spoons tattooed on their forearms.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner

Maisie and Sophie, or Arya and Sansa, if you will, each got the date they were cast in Game of Thrones inked on their forearm. Stark sisters forever.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Hailey Baldwin and Mari McKinney

Hailey is a big fan of the matching tattoo, this time getting the word 'gentle' with friend Mari McKinney.

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CREDIT: Instagram

The cast of Pretty Little Liars

When the iconic show ended, the girls all got the first initial of their character's name tattooed on their fingers.

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Kylie Jenner and Jordan Woods

Kylie Jenner and ex-BFF Jordan Woods got little waves inked on their fingers. Yikes.

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CREDIT: Instagran

Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne

Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne are 'solemates' - get it?

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