Who Is Sienna Miller’s Boyfriend, Oli Green?

Sienna Miller has opened up about her relationship

Sienna and Oli

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2024 got off to an amazing start for Sienna Miller, who confirmed she had given birth to a baby girl.

From her red carpet outfits to addressing her pregnancy, fans have gone wild for the actor since she revealed her pregnancy last year. In a cover interview with Vogue, the actress opened up about her pregnancy and revealed she was expecting a baby girl, who will join her big sister, Marlowe.

In the interview, she also addressed the 14-year age gap between her and boyfriend, actor Oli Green, whom she she shares her newborn daughter with. Despite sharing a kiss with him the night they met, Sienna revealed that she almost wrote off the idea of a relationship with him because of their age difference.

Sienna Miller and Oli Green in Paris, March 2024. ©Dominique Maitre/WWD via Getty Images)

‘I was like, "This is absurd. This will not go anywhere,"' she told Vogue. ‘And then he worked hard to persuade me to go out for a drink with him.’ However, she went on to explain there's been 'nothing but love and joy' around the couple's relationship, since they met in 2021.

And the pair certainly are giving major couple goals. Since welcoming their baby girl, the new parents have been spotted out and about near their West London home.

Naturally, this has ignited people's interest about Sienna Miller’s boyfriend - leaving many questioning who exactly is the actor?

Here's everything we know about Oli Green...

Who is Oli Green?

Oli Green is an actor and model who started his career after studying at the Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York. According to IMDb, one of his first acting gigs was alongside Kaia Gerber in John Eatherly's "Burnout" music video released in 2019.

Oli has also had roles in episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, The Mosquito Coast, A Good Person and The Crown. In the second instalment of The Crown’s final season, Oli starred as fourth-year law student Rupert Finch, who dated Kate for a year before her relationship with the Prince of Wales began.

Oli Green in 'The Crown' ©Getty

How old is Oli Green?

Born on 21 January 1997, Oli Green is currently 27 years old. This also makes him a mysterious and creative Aquarius - a match the stars say is perfect for Capricorn Sienna.

Of course, a major talking point of Sienna and Oli's relationship is their age gap. There's 14 years between 42-year-old Sienna and 27-year-old Oli.

After revealing her relationship, Sienna found herself the focus of online hate - with many criticising the star for her relationship with Oli. Hitting back at society's 'double standards,' Sienna shared, 'People are comfortable with a way of living that has existed for many years, which is very misogynistic and patriarchal.'

'Me being the older woman in a partnership with a younger person, or being pregnant over 40 - and that that's "irresponsible" and "the poor child" - it's such double standards and I think it's so unquestioned in people's minds. It's just a trite, easy target. But it's absurd.'

How did Sienna Miller and Oli Green meet?

Sienna and Oli first met back in 2021, sharing a kiss after being introduced at a mutual friend's Halloween party. While it might sound like a fairytale start, their relationship wasn't plain sailing.

'I was like, "This is absurd. This will not go anywhere,"' Sienna told Vogue. 'He worked hard to persuade me to go out for a drink with him.'

Luckily for Sienna, she gave the actor a chance. After going on a date together in New York, Sienna and Oli isolated together after contracting covid at the same time -  an experience that 'sort of fast-tracked intimacy.'

The couple made their first red carpet appearance together in March 2022 at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, confirming their romance.

Oli Green and Sienna Miller attend Wimbledon 2023.

What has Sienna Miller said about the age gap between her and Oli Green?

In her Vogue interview, Sienna shared insight into they couple's 14-year age gap - particularly the reactions of those close to the couple. Addressing the positive way Oli's family responded to their relationship, Sienna said ‘I would imagine it would be complicated for anyone to get their head around, but there’s been nothing but love and joy.’

She explained that when she’s with Oli’s friends there's 'an awareness of the dynamics that enter relationships between men and women now that we just didn’t have 20 or 25 years ago,’ continuing ‘I feel like my whole adolescence was dodging bullets and advances in a really delicate way, to not offend somebody… Whereas the girls that he grew up with, they’re probably like, "No — no, thank you. Moving on_._"'

Sienna also addressed the idea that Oli might one day want to be with someone nearer his own age, saying that specific insecurity 'cuts both ways' in their relationship. 'For Oli, it is real that I might want to be with someone older,' she said.

What has Emily Blunt said about Sienna Miller's relationship with Oli Green?

Emily Blunt and Sienna Miller are close friends, and Sienna told Vogue that Emily was her 'wing-woman' on her first date with Oli in New York. In the interview, Emily revealed 'when I got there, it was so beautiful between them. I just gave her a hug and went, "I’m going to slip away."'

Speaking about Sienna's relationship with Oli, Emily said 'I see so much of her in him, that free-spirited, curious, guileless thing that he has. He’s the kind of guy you could just bring anywhere, and everyone would love him.'

Does Sienna Miller have any other children?

While their newborn daughter marked Oli's first journey into parenthood, Sienna is already mum to one child. She shares daughter, 11-year-old Marlowe, with her exTom Sturridge. Sienna accidentally revealed her baby's gender during her interview - when, after addressing whether Marlowe was happy to become an older sibling, she replied 'To have a sister? A baby sister? Oh, gender reveal by accident. I'm having a baby girl!'

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