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Meghan Markle’s Co-Stars Have Arrived In Europe For The Royal Wedding

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It’s five days and counting until the royal wedding, and the overseas guests are arriving in Europe to prepare for the big day. Namely, Meghan Markle’s Suits co-stars, with all the adorable Instagram posts to prove it.

While it hasn’t been confirmed exactly who is attending Meghan and Harry’s wedding, it’s been widely suggested that all of the main cast and a few of the crew are invited. That means we can expect to see Rachel’s on-screen husband, her best friend and her bosses.

As of yesterday, two of the cast have tipped off their expected attendance, with Sarah Rafferty and Jacinda Barrett posting images of them in Europe on social media, presumably making a holiday out of their spring wedding invite.

Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna Paulson, Meghan’s on-screen best friend and maid of honour, arrived in Paris yesterday with her daughter, so we can assume even Meghan’s colleagues were given plus family invites.

Jacinda Barrett was a recurring character on Suits, but is also married to the shows lead, Gabriel Macht. Presumably the whole family have arrived to attend the wedding, with Jacinda posting an adorable snap with her son outside Buckingham Palace.

While the rest of the cast are yet to announce their presence in the UK, it’s safe to assume those who are attending are in-bound. So, will her TV husband, played by Patrick J. Adams, make an appearance? He seemed less than sure whether he was attending last month, given he doesn’t even have her phone number.

It seems we’ll have to wait until Saturday to see which of her colleagues were lucky enough to make the trip, and more importantly, what they will be wearing to the royal affair...

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