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Is 'Suits' Wardrobe Department Making Cast's Royal Wedding Outfits?

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Wedding dress codes can be hard enough, but we can’t imagine how nerve-wracking it must be deciding what to wear for a royal wedding. So it’s no wonder that Meghan Markle’s Suits co-stars have reportedly been so confused by the very British-sounding dress code for her nuptials that they have been forced to call in the show’s wardrobe department to help them.

A source told The Express that Markle’s former colleagues were concerned about what “dress uniform, morning coat or lounge suit” means – and frankly, we would be confused, too.

‘Two outfits are required for the May festivities, with the men asked to wear a morning suit, which, a few invitees have learned, isn’t particularly easy to secure stateside,’ the source revealed. ‘Last time I was there, I happened to run into a couple of people in wardrobe who were helping getting things made for some of those that are going. They were just helping with some of the ladies outfits, helping with the dresses and the hats.’

The insider also revealed that the majority of the Suits cast will be in attendance – despite on-screen husband Patrick Adams saying otherwise last month in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

‘All the main cast members are going I think and a few of the crew,’ they continued. ‘There's a real hustle and bustle of excitement on the set of the show in Toronto with people getting their outfits made.’

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