11 Days In And 25+ Engagements Later, Meghan Markle Is Crying Laughing And It's Friday So Same

11 Days In And 25+ Engagements Later, Meghan Markle Is Crying Laughing And It's Friday So Same

    By Georgia Aspinall Posted on 26 Oct 2018

    You know that Friday morning feeling, you feel like you’ve worked for 89 years this week and the weekend is STILL another day away? You get to that level of hysteria where all you can do is laugh, and end up crying laughing at something you’d normally smile and nod awkwardly at. Well, after almost two weeks of non-stop royal engagements, Meghan Markle has reached peak normal-person-on-a-Thursday and couldn’t stop crying laughing when some children sang her a song about mosquitos.

    The Tupou College Boys’ choir performed the song to welcome Prince Harry and Meghan to the forest surrounding their school in Tonga. Meant to ward off mosquitos, the song was complete with flying actions and buzzing noises and unlike us laughing hysterically at our laptop shutting down mid-project, this was actually meant to be funny.

    Appropriately, Meghan was left in stitches as she watched the performance, in possibly the most emotional display we’ve ever seen from a Royal. Given the fears around Meghan visiting countries that carry the Zika virus, such as Tonga, the song was both hilarious and apt, with Meghan choosing not to walk through the forest as originally planned before her pregnancy was announced.

    Of course, despite the tears of laughter, her make-up stayed flawless, because this is Meghan Markle we’re talking about. The couple, who were there to dedicate two of the school’s rainforest tracts to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, then went on to receive a speech from agriculture minister Seimi Taurlangi Fakahau, before Harry gave his own to mark the unveiling of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, which conserves indigenous forests for future generations.

    ‘My wife and I are so pleased to be here today to mark the dedication of not one but two forest areas to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative,’ Prince Harry said, ‘which started in 2015 in honour of my grandmother’s lifetime of service to the Commonwealth,

    ‘Tonga is leading by example and understands deeply the impact of environmental changes because they directly affect these islands,’ he continued, ‘Planting trees and conserving forests helps us in so many ways. It is a simple but effective way to restore and repair our environment, clean the air, protect habitat and enhance our health and wellbeing’

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    They then were treated to another song by the choir, the Welsh anthem ‘Guide me o thou great redeemer’. We can bet that given the affair was actually quite a serious one, the comedy riff to open the occasion provided some light relief after more than 25 engagements so far in 11 days.

    With 5 days left, the couple will have 76 engagements in total, although Meghan may take some more time for herself given her pregnancy. To be honest, we would take all the time we can, with a schedule as busy as hers, we’d be hysterical with laughter too…

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