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Is This The Dress Meghan Markle Is Wearing In The Queen's 'Secret' Portrait?

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The royal wedding has been and gone, but don't let that trick you into believing that Meghan mania is on the wane. For a case in point, just look at the Internet storm that erupted earlier this week, when a photo of Queen Elizabeth going about her official Buckingham Palace business was taken as evidence of an as-yet-unseen portrait of Prince Harry and his new wife. When was it taken? Why wasn't it released? And - crucially - what was Meghan wearing in said secret picture?

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In answer to that first question, we can surmise that the photo is taken from the couple's engagement shoot: the tell-tale giveaway is Prince Harry's blue suit, which he wore in all three of the photos shot by portrait photographer (and future royal wedding photographer) Alexi Lubormirski at Frogmore House late last year. As to the question of why it wasn't released, we're less sure: only three images were presented to the public, and although plenty more were probably taken, we imagine that the family (understandably) wanted to keep some for the personal albums. And for the final question, pertaining to the provenance of Meghan's apparently sky blue shift dress with short sleeves? Social media seems to have us covered on this count. The eagle-eyed royal fan behind @harry_meghan_updates on Instagram has drawn attention to the similarities between Meghan's mystery dress and a design by Roland Mouret: specifically, the Royston cap-sleeve square neck wool sheath dress.

However, the frills on the capped sleeves are a little different to the lines of Meghan's gown, and although it's certainly possible that the Duchess of Sussex might have asked the style to be altered especially (a trick from Kate Middleton's royal fashion playbook), a feature on Yahoo identifies a similar Mouret style with simpler sleeves: the Barwick draped wool crepe dress in aquamarine. Given that Meghan wore the same gown in navy blue for her pre-wedding arrival at Cliveden House, this seems like the best candidate.

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