Maya Hawke Pushed For This Huge Stranger Things Plot Twist

Warning: spoilers ahead...

Maya Hawke

by Georgia Aspinall |

If there was one plot twist we definitely weren’t expecting in Stranger Things Three, it was that Steve and Robin didn’t end up together. After setting them up as the perfect new couple following Steve’s break-up with Nancy, it was finally revealed in the finale that actually, Robin is gay.

According to Maya Hawke, who plays Robin in the Netflix TV show, the creators – the Duffer Brothers - were just as surprised by the change in narrative as viewers were, because Steve and Robin were actually meant to be together. That is, until Maya got involved.

‘Throughout filming, we started to feel like she and Joe shouldn’t get together, and that she’s gay,’ she told the Wall Street Journal, ‘Even when I go back and watch earlier episodes, it just seems like the most obvious decision ever.’

It wasn’t just her choice, of course, but she says that through a ‘collaborative conversation’ with the Duffer Brothers, they all decided to change Robin’s sexuality – and ultimately put to bed any chance of a romantic relationship between her and Steve.

Telling Variety that the change in narrative came five episodes in, it seems like the last-minute decision was very much spurred by Maya’s wishes. ‘I’m really really happy with the way that it went,’ she told the publication.

It just goes to show that, actually, actors have a lot more power than they think in ensuring diverse characters are represented on our screens. As a relatively fresh, young actor, the fact that Maya felt comfortable changing an entire character arc and huge relationship in one of the most popular TV shows on Netflix says a lot.

Yes, her parents are Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, but still – to ask for a more inclusive arc in her breakout role is a confident move.

We can only hope other actors take not and follow suit in asking for less normative character arcs. In this case, while we never got to see Maya develop a romantic relationship this season, the way her and Steve developed a strong, platonic friendship was beautiful to watch. And while we may have to wait a year to see their roles reprised in the next season of Stranger Things, we'll be watching out for Maya's other acting roles with much excitement - she's clearly one to keep an eye on.

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