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What Happened When Margot Robbie Prank Called Prince Harry?

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Move over, George Clooney: Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne appear to have their eyes on the title of Hollywood’s premier pranksters. So devoted are the friends and former Suicide Squad co-stars to the art of practical jokes that they’ve taken their tricks to a new level – by prank calling a certain Prince Harry.

‘Cara knows Harry and while we were filming Suicide Squad she was like, “Let’s prank call him,”’ the Oscar-nominated actress told The Sun over the weekend. While the I, Tonya star initially took a little persuading from Cara, she eventually decided to give it a go – and luckily, the fifth in line to the throne saw the funny side. Royals, they’re just like us, hey?

‘I said, “We can’t prank call royalty,” but anyway we did – and he was so cool with it. Prince Harry is so nice – England literally has the coolest royalty in the world,’ she told the newspaper.

Margot and the Prince first met at a party for Suki Waterhouse back in 2015, though their friendship didn’t exactly have the most auspicious of beginnings, with the actress initially confusing Harry for another famous red-head. ‘When I saw him in those glasses [at the party], I was like, “Oh my God, I didn’t know Ed Sheeran was at the party!”’ she told Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. ‘And he got really offended. He wasn’t wearing a crown though! Like, I don’t know it’s a prince!’ She’s since revealed that Harry is ‘pretty quick on text actually’ (whereas Margot herself is a little more laissez faire, writing back ‘four days later, weeks later sometimes’).

Naturally, all this gives rise to one major question: will Margot and her husband Tom Ackerley adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to the already star-studded guest list for Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May? She certainly doesn’t think so.

‘We see each other every so often at a party here or there, but [we’re] not close friends,’ she told the hosts of The Kyle & Jackie Show back in January, before specifying that they are ‘definitely’ not close enough to merit a wedding invitation. Sigh...

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