Sophie Hermann Talks Tom Zanetti And Last Night’s Made In Chelsea

The reality star catches up with Grazia about how lockdown has affected their relationship.

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After meeting on Celebs Go Dating{ =nofollow}, Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti continue to be the hottest new couple on Made in Chelsea. And in last night's episode, things got a little bit more serious. Ollie, Gareth and Fred took Tom on a fishing trip, AKA as friends do, they tried to find out whether he had the right intentions with Sophie.

'I mean, that was absolutely to be expected when three of your best friends go with your fairly new love interest on a fishing excursion,' Sophie laughs with Grazia over Zoom, 'but all of the boys love Tom, a lot, and they like him a lot, and they all get along so well so it's pretty nice. I think they went about it very well. It was a subtle picking of the brain.'

The intervention was hardly needed though, as luckily Sophie had found out Tom wanted to settle down earlier when they were both starring on CGD. 'I think two people should figure out in the beginning if you're heading in the same direction,' she says. 'So, it's cute that [Ollie, Gareth and Fred] tried to find that out, but I mean I obviously found that out in the CGD mansion. But it's always nice to get double assurance.'

Sophie says one of the reasons her mates got along with Tom so well is because they think he has 'a good heart' and is a 'great father'. But, due to lockdown, Sophie hasn't properly been able to meet Tom's 14-year-old son Deaconn, saying they have met over FaceTime, instead.

The 34 year old also says she was able to think about their relationship more after they left the filming bubbles on CGD. 'We were literally filming in these bubbles, so when you then come back and actually have a glimpse of reality, I think that's when you actually can can start making decisions,' she continues. 'I was very hesitant to give away too much because I honestly wouldn't know. I wanted to enjoy the time.'

As addressed on CGD, Tom and Sophie are from completely different backgrounds (the pair were referred to as The Duchess and Thomas O Malley the alley cat from The Aristocats). But Sophie says it doesn't matter, and it isn't the first time she's dated someone who wouldn't typically fit into the MIC cast. '[Tom] is not the first boy that I've dated that comes from a different upbringing,' Sophie says. ' I don't think that that doesn't really impact me too much as long as that person is going in the same direction I am steering and and has the same values - the same morals - that I do, it doesn't really matter where they come from.'

Tom had to leave the house in the Cotswolds, but Sophie says he will be back when they move to a new filming location in Suffolk. 'It's going to be more fun in the new wilderness reserve that we're going to go to,' she hints.

Meanwhile, the other big storyline in last night's episode was the arrival of new girl Inga{ =nofollow}- who has history with both Miles and Julius. 'I was just happy for the boys to have like a single girl in the house in general,' Sophie says. 'It was like a very juicy tenderloin being thrown to a very, very hungry wolf.' (Spoiler alert: Miles and Inga hook up after a party in the house.) 'Julius reminds me of this like German boy that I met on my Italian summer holiday. I don't know, I feel like I just want him to find someone who deserves him and appreciates him because he's so cute. But Miles is obviously sex on legs so I don't blame Inga.'

Made in Chelsea continues on Mondays on E4.

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