Love Island: Will The Casa Amor Postcard Be Sent This Year?

The postcard has faced backlash for causing Islanders distress in recent years.

Chloe love island postcard

by Aaliyah Harry |

Casa Amor is well underway and all we are feeling is disappointment. We have witnessed Dami Hope borderline cheating on Indiyah Polack, Jacques ONeill's head is turning and Davide Sanclimenti is still kissing multiple women for an ego boost. Basically, this year Casa Amor is absolute CARNAGE. The girls are really in for a lot of heartache and we are not happy. Now more than ever the internet is dying for the producers to send a postcard with a first-class stamp so they can find out what the boys are really up to.

Our heart can't take another Amber Gill situation. Remember in 2019 when she walked back in the villa to find out that Michael Griffiths had recoupled? She was completely clueless and had no idea of what he was doing. In 2019 Love Island scrapped the postcard due to the backlash from the 2018 series. Viewers were shocked to watch a distressed Dani Dyer after seeing a video of her then boyfriend, Jack Fincham, in Casa Amor. Ofcom received more than 2600 complaints for the scene.

A spokeswoman for the regulator said at the time: 'We carefully considered viewers’ concerns about the wellbeing of a female contestant on this established reality programme. While we understand her distress made for upsetting viewing, we consider that viewers are likely to expect emotionally charged scenes that have been engineered to test contestants’ relationships.'

Although we want the girls this year to find out about the boys' bad behaviour, does the postcard actually do more harm than good?

This year it's uncertain wether the postcard will actually be sent, as a Love Island exec previously hinted that it might not happen this year. On a Reddit thread executive producer, Mike Spencer, answered questions before the show started. One viewer asked specifically about the show 'providing the islanders information with no context that is clearly aimed to create emotional distress (e.g. the postcards that are sent to the girls during Casa Amor.).'

Mike responded, 'We have published our duty of care protocols very publicly and we have an incredible welfare team on the series. I agree we have to be incredibly considered when making editorial decisions.' He added, 'We are also making a dating entertainment series but humour is normally at the heart of most storylines. I think we are considered and it always becomes tricky with the passing of information but we aim to find balance in the show.'

The way the postcards portray what's going on in Casa Amor has been criticised in the past for misleading the Islanders and causing emotional distress. Last year the postcard was slammed as 'manipulative' when Teddy Soares was painted to be a cheater in the postcard pictures, when in actual fact he was loyal to Faye Winter the whole time.

Perhaps this time, it's better for Islanders to find out in real time rather than working themselves up about an out-of-context image.

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