These Love Islander Twitter Accounts Are The Best Part Of The Show

Shout out to the genius 'account handlers'

Indiyah and Ikenna

by Aaliyah Harry |

So, we all know the best part about Love Island are the memes. It is practically illegal to watch Love Island without scrolling on your phone at the same time. The annual rule is one eye on Love Island, one eye on the Twitter timeline; multitasking at its finest.

This year it’s not just the viewers getting involved in the Twitter fun, but the Islanders' Twitter accounts too - which have got a lot of praise for their hilarious content. Of course, the actual islanders are not the ones tweeting. They are currently in the villa, with no access to the outside world or their phones. So, many of them have left their accounts in the safe hands of their friends and family. They have been dubbed by the internet 'Love Island account handlers.'

Remember Amber Rose Gill's sassy account handler in 2019, who was later revealed to be her best friend Martin? But this year they account handlers have been particularly clever. Ikenna Ekwonna and Indiyah Polack's account handlers for example, are replying to each other with hilarious memes and comments as the show rolls on. The account handlers are reacting to the content in real time whilst keeping friendly banter throughout. It’s almost like they are already friends - and the internet is loving their interactions.

Dami Hope and Luca Bish’s account handlers have also started to get involved interacting with the other accounts.

Twitter users have praised the handlers as ‘genius.’ They have even suggested that Ikenna’s account handler should swap places with him in the villa. Some users have also suggested that if Ikenna and Indiyah win the hit dating show, they should ‘split the 50k four ways’ because of the incredible job their handlers have done with their social media. Ikenna’s Twitter account following basically doubles each night, one hilarious meme after the other.

The Islanders' social media account handlers are the unsung heroes of Love Island, and it’s about time they get some praise. They have to juggle keeping the account active and relevant whilst also sometimes unfortunately having to deal with trolls and hateful comments.

The Islanders are definitely playing a smart game this year. Choosing a friend or family member who is incredibly social media savvy, tapped into the current trends and can cultivate your brand before your return is the greatest power move. Perhaps they are reading from the handbook of Molly Mae or Amber Rose Gill who had followings in their millions whilst on the show, which trickled into lucrative brand deals as soon as they touched down back in England.

Everyone is dying to unmask the creators of these masterful memes and hilarious interactions. It’s almost like Gossip Girl 2.0. Who is behind the accounts? Only time will tell…

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