Amber Gill Shares The Racist And Gaslighting DMs She Receives

'Sometimes if you catch me being super quiet on here when I usually use my voice it's because I get overwhelmed/exhausted and need a break.'

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Love Island winner Amber Gill has shared her experience with 'ignorance, bigotry and racism' on social media, explaining that she feels 'overwhelmed and exhausted' by the vile messages she receives online. 'Sometimes if you catch me being super quiet on here when I usually use my voice it's because I get overwhelmed/ exhausted and need a break,' she said after sharing one of the horrendous DMs she was sent.

'I can't post one story without hundreds of messages like the ones I just posted,' Amber continued. 'And what I say or repost never warrants the amount of hateful messages I get in return and it's how idiotic and pathetic the messages are that makes me feel like I'm just fighting a losing battle.'

Amber added, 'I love speaking up, but it's the ignorance, bigotry and racism. They know exactly what they are doing... it's gaslighting. Sometimes it gets too much as these people are not listening to understand they just want to fight. But this is the most important time to keep speaking as they want people like us to just put up and shut up.'

Instagram / Amber Gill
©Instagram / Amber Gill

'I'm not crying about the messages,' she continued. 'I don't expect my followers to agree with 100% of what I say. It's just annoying to see how many have this crazy warped view! And it's very upsetting.'

Amber has been vocal about the racism that Meghan Markle has endured{ =nofollow}, which Meghan addressed during her interview with Oprah, tweeting: ' Why are people saying “It’s normal to wonder what you think the baby’s hair or eye colour will be why is this different” SHE SAID CONCERNS... about skin colour, what’s not connecting? Stop being completely ignorant.'

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