First Look: Cara Delevingne In Teen Drama ‘Kids In Love’

Coolest kids ever?

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by Emma Firth |
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If you’re prone to YA novel and The Breakfast Club is your all-time favourite film – stick Kids in Love on your summer hot list.

The British drama was filmed three years ago in London, but has finally got a release date - August 26th.

While Cara Delevingne will be starring in the highly anticipated blockbuster Suicide Squad the same month as Kids in Love is released – the latter could not be more different.

This indie coming-of-age tale, from first-time director Chris Foggin, shines a light on the fragility of youth, summer romance and the 17-year-old perils of having to Find Ourselves.

Grazia Daily can reveal an exclusive clip of Cara in action...

The movie also showcases the talents of rising Brit stars - from its lead Will Poulter, Skins actor Sebastian De Souza and 25-year-old model-turned-actress Gala Gordon. No doubt her and Miss Delevingne had plenty to talk about then.

In the trailer, BAFTA winning actor, Will – who puts even Cara’s brows to shame – is seen aimlessly drifting through his gap year with a string of internships, grand travel ideas and romantic crushes ahead.

Sound familiar?

And we can’t help but think the movie gives us a window into what it was like growing up as Cara D in the capital IRL with her squad.

The teenage dream.

Check out the first full-length trailer for Kids in Love below…

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