Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi And Liberty Poole Are Going To Be Answering The Public’s Dating Dilemmas

They're still our favourite Love Island duo, to be honest.

Kaz and Liberty

by Bonnie McLaren |
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Anyone who's single will know that modern dating is tough. Dating apps{ =nofollow}, ghosting, sliding into DMs, thirst traps, what feels like endless options — sometimes, it's all too much. Even Love Islanders can find the dating game tough when they leave the villa...

'Finding time in the day to date is so difficult,'Kaz Kamwi, who was on last year's series, says. 'It's so hard. Because when you're dating, you want to give time: I like when people give me time and I want to be able to give the same back. So I think it's just like working that out is quite hard sometimes.'

Things might not always go to plan in the villa or Casa Amor, with endless tricky decisions to make. But after their stint on the show, Love Islanders are probably best equipped to be giving advice on modern dating. And Kaz and Liberty - our favourite friendship duo from last year's series - have teamed up to help with the public's dating (and friendship) dilemmas.

Working with the show's sponsor, JustEat, the pair will be solving your dating dilemmas on Instagram, just as the new series kicks off (if you didn't know, Love Island starts on June 6). 'As we're all watching the show together, we'll be seeing a lot of things that happen on screen and it just reminds you of real life,' Kaz says. 'And then you're like, hang on that situation's similar to mine. And you just want someone to speak to. It's just a way for us to be able to speak to our audience and have a conversation outside the show.'

While she was on Love Island{ =nofollow}, Kaz says ones of the hardest things was a lack of privacy. 'Obviously, there's always someone around you, because there are contestants everywhere,' Kaz says. 'And people are always five steps away from where you're having a conversation. Half the time you're competing for the same person, you want to keep that to yourself,' she laughs. 'So I think is quite hard to like form really deep connections.' ('Unless you're lucky enough and get to go to the Hideaway,' she then jokes.)

Despite the lack of privacy, Kaz is still friends with lots of her former castmates, including Faye Winter, Rachel Finni and Sharon Gaffka. But post-Love Island, knowing what she knows now, what advice would Kaz have given herself 12 months ago? 'I think to embrace it: embrace the experience, stay present and have fun,' she says. 'I had so much fun in there. But I think you have to remind yourself to like actually enjoy the moment.' And, of course, future islanders will have a better time in the villa if they have a friend like Liberty. 'I think you also need to make sure that you find your rock, I was lucky enough to have my I walked in with my girl.'

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