How Fans Were Fooled By Fake Photo Of Katy Perry At The Met Gala

Even the singer's mum got caught out...

Katy Perry Met Gala AI

by Millie Payne |
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Katy Perry has served a slew of memorable looks at the Met Gala, from depicting a chandelier in 2019, to slipping into a burger costume for the after-party the same year.

But after fans were fooled by an AI-generated photo of Katy leading people to believe she was at the 2024 ceremony, the decorated singer took to Instagram to confirm that she was not in fact at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and instead in the recording studio, working.

The viral tweet, which later featured 'readers added context' explaining that the content was created with Artificial Intelligence, read, 'Katy Perry. That's it' with the hashtag Met Gala and a photo of the singer in a floral embellished gown. Viewed an astonishing 13 million times, the image had fans unequivocally fooled.

'Not me falling for this AI edit at first', wrote one, leaving someone else replying, 'You're not alone.'

Others failed to clock on: 'She’s literally the only person who’s served on [the] theme, she’s so gorgeous!' tweeted one fan.

But when Katy's mum even fell for the fake image, the Firework chart-topper confirmed herself on social media that it was AI-generated.

Katy Perry Met Gala
Katy Perry Met Gala ©Photo by Rebecca Smeyne/Getty Images

Writing to her 207 million followers, she captioned the forged snap, 'Couldn’t make it to the MET, had to work'. The Instagram album also featured a second fake photo, as well as a screenshot of her text conversation with her mum.

'Didn't know you went to the Met. What a gorgeous gown, you look like the Rose Parade. You are your own float lol,' Mary Perry's message read, to which her daughter replied, 'Lol mom the AI got you too, BEWARE!'

The last instalment of the Instagram carousel was a snippet of Katy in the studio as she gears up to release her new album this year - her first in four years and seventh overall, which will reportedly be the 'most personal' of her career.

Katy Perry Met Gala
Katy Perry Met Gala ©Noam Galai/Getty Images for New York Magazine

'WHERE IS THE ALBUM! RELEASE THE DAMN ALBUM,' commented one fan underneath the post, as another wrote, 'At least you're preparing us a treat.'

Katy's last album, Smile, was released in August 2020, and focused on a 'journey towards the light, with stories of resilience, hope, and love'.

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