Jodie Comer Explains Why She Quit Instagram In May

'I think it's best for me to take a little step back’

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Being a normal person and navigating social media is hard. But being famous and navigating it is even harder, with thousands of comments to sift through and people constantly directing love/hate at you. And, understandably, for now, Jodie Comer{ =nofollow}has had enough. The actress has now explained her recent absence from Twitter and Instagram, saying that she doesn’t want to be on the platforms while she searches for negative things about herself. Which is completely fair enough.

‘Until I get some self-control and manage not to go and seek out negative things on social media, I think it's best for me to take a little step back,’ the Talking Heads actress told OK. ‘Also now, in this time, I am trying to be a little bit conscious of what I use it for. It feels a bit wrong to me to be doing any sort of self-promotion at the moment, so I'm trying to be a little bit wary of that, while also being communicative and speaking to people.’

Jodie{ =nofollow}hasn't been publicly on socials for a while, as she deactivated her Twitter account earlier this year and hasn't posted on Instagram since May.

In the past, the actress has spoken about how some people now comment on her famous Scouse accent, which she says she changes slightly for an American audience (again, fair enough). ‘I know all the people who comment on YouTube are aliens anyway, but I was speaking as myself [in an interview] and they were saying I'm losing my accent,’ she told the Two Shot Podcast. ‘I'd adapted it a little bit because it's an American audience and a lot of the time people are like: "What is she saying?”’

We hope she comes back to social media when she feels ready.

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