In Defence Of Love Island’s Danica Taylor

I think we can ALL agree that Danica deserves better.

Danica love island

by Aaliyah Harry |

As much as we all enjoy the drama and excitement of Love Island - it can also be brutal. Arriving as a bombshell isn't always the easiest of experiences. That's why watching Danica's villa experience is hurting us all, as she is genuinely trying her best to make the most of her experience and put her self first - as she should!

We've watched bombshell legends like Maura Higgins and Megan Barton Hanson strut through the villa doors filled with confidence - but that doesn't mean their journeys on the show were easy. Maura had a hard time finding a connection at first and Megan also struggled to find her way. Megan recently spoke to Grazia about her difficult transition into the Love Island villa in 2018.

'I can’t tell you how lonely and awkward it was the day after I kissed Wes on the terrace,’ she told Grazia. ‘All the girls had loyalty to Laura Anderson and literally, nobody spoke to me. It’s kind of like a pack mentality,’ she continued. You don’t want to fall out with the most popular girl and boy because everybody sticks together…I remember just trying to sleep all day and the producers were like “go and mingle” but I had no mates…'

Danica came into the villa during a dancing task and shocked the Islanders. While her opening line of 'hey boys' harked back to Chloe Burrows' slightly cringe voice message last year, she deserved a round of applause for dancing full out in front of people who she barely knew. However, she didn't receive the warmest welcome compared to the arrival of latest bombshell, Antigoni Buxton.

Danica's initial risky choice of picking Luca Bish to couple up with - while he was already getting to know Gemma Owen - and the treatment from him that followed didn't help. During the recoupling he sat next to her very reluctantly and his attitude towards her was very disrespectful as he constantly disregarded her.

Since then she's put herself out there with Davide Sanclimenti (who kissed her even when he wasn't really interested in her - just to give himself an ego boost), Andrew Le Page and Jay Younger, and was rejected every time. And despite all the rejection she still slayed the heart rate challenge - what a woman! We've got to give it to her, she has some thick skin. To be repeatedly rejected on national TV and still continue unfazed and with a smile on her face takes GUTS. There would have been at least three breakdowns from me by now and perhaps a flight back to London Heathrow booked.

I do believe she is genuinely following her heart and trying to choose who she thinks she could have a romantic connection with. The other Islanders are trying to guide her coupling choices ... which is odd. Why should she pick someone she's not attracted to just to help everyone else?

Lest we forget, Jay picked Paige Thorne when she was clearly with Jacques and to villa standards that was acceptable and 'fair game'. But as soon as Danica picked Jay ( when Antigoni wanted to pick him,) she got quite a harsh and cold reception from the girls. The double standards again are shining through here.

There surely needs to be a bit more compassion shown towards Danica by the other Islanders in the villa. In years gone by we've had Dr.Alex and Hugo Hammond (who both had a hard time finding connections) and got so much support from the other Islanders. Why isn't Danica being provided with that same grace? She hasn't had one love interest so far and it must be really hard being the single one with no love interests or attention. It's like being a consistent third wheel on an intense 10-week couples' holiday and she dosen't deserve that. Danica is stunning, confident and very self -assured - she deserves someone to come in and match her energy.

Basically Love Island, we need you to send in a man who will sweep her off her feet ASAP! Now that Casa Amor is on the horizon, we really hope that she gets what she deserves.

Who is Danica Taylor?

Danica Taylor is a dancer from Leicester. She has British and Jamaican heritage and just finished her dance degree. Now you can find her on TV every night as she is hoping to find love on the ITV dating show, Love Island. When asked how her family and friends would describe her she said,'My mum always says I am a bit of a princess, a bit dramatic and always thinks I am right, which is very true. My friends would probably say I don’t hide from drama or arguments and I am a good friend. I am very good with advice, I am quite wise beyond my years.'

How old is Danica Taylor?

Danica Taylor is only 21 years old! Yes, we know, she is extremely confident at such a young age.

Does Danica Taylor have Instagram?

Yes indeed! To see Danica's glam pictures and perhaps some dancing videos follow her @_danicataylor

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