Celebrities Were Out In Force At The US Midterm Elections

Celebrities Were Out In Force At The US Midterm Elections

    By Georgia Aspinall Posted on 7 Nov 2018

    Two years of Donald Trump is more than enough to force the typically disenfranchised out of their homes to vote, but just incase the midterms passed anyone by this year, celebrities were on their a-game convincing everyone to get out and vote. With the Democrats taking hold of the House of Congress, it has proven a worthy cause for those hoping to reduce Trump’s power when the House takes hold in two months time.

    While the Republicans still have a majority in the Senate, and unfortunately the power of Taylor Swift wasn’t enough to sway Tennesse over to the blue side, (nor was Rihanna or Beyonce, whose endorsements for Andrew Gillum and Beto O’Rouke respectively didn’t translate to getting them into office), the democrat majority in the House is still a big win for liberals.

    With a voter turnout breaking records already, and many more women and BAME candidates elected into government, the election is pushing America towards greater diversity in their power structures, at long last. Considering voter turnout is usually very poor for elections outside the presidential, the expanded electorate alone is a big win for democracy as a whole and goes to prove the ‘woke generation’ of millenials really is changing the political landscape. We can only hope the same happens in the UK in the next election (or if we ever get that second referendum that’s being advised by every expert ever).

    But which celebrities were proving their wokeness and who wore their I Voted sticker best? That’s for you to decide, as we trawled through the internet for all of the best celebrity selfies post-voting. We have to say, ours is a toss up between Beyonce and Ariana Grande’s ‘Nonna’, and of course Demi Lovato- who chose this apt occasion to make her return to social media following her time in rehab after being hospitalised for an overdose in July this year.

    Scroll to see all of the best post-vote celebrity selfies…


    Laura Prepon

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    Laura Prepon

    2 of 18

    Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

    3 of 18

    Gina Rodriguez, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana & Eva Longoria

    4 of 18


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    Drew Barrymore

    6 of 18

    Taylor Swift

    7 of 18

    Nicole Richie & Joel Madden

    8 of 18

    Olivia Wilde

    9 of 18

    P Diddy, Christian Combs, Mike Holston and Justin Dior Combs

    10 of 18

    Mariska Hargitay

    11 of 18


    12 of 18

    Elon Musk

    13 of 18

    Ariana Grande

    14 of 18

    Ariana Grande's Nonna

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    Katie Couric

    16 of 18

    Mandy Moore

    17 of 18

    Demi Lovato

    18 of 18

    Jeff Goldblum

    We’re obsessed with all of the creative ways celebrities have found to wear their I Voted stickers, especially Mandy Moore’s nose sticker (how did it stay?!) and particularly love how Jeff Goldblum’s goes perfectly with his outfit (he is wearing all black, but still).

    P Diddy bringing out his sons for the occasion is also up there as one of the best pictures of the midterm elections, alongside Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s adorable couple selfie. But we have to say, Ariana’s grandmother really takes the cake for us as the best post-voting selfie of all time. Her smiling face, her outfit, her expert sticker point, it’s all just too cute to bear. In fact, we’re make her an honorary celebrity for the day just to crown her winner (sorry, Beyonce).

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