Is This Really The Move From The Queen That Made Harry And Meghan Leave The Royal Family?

According to one royal writer, Harry was not happy when the Queen asked for a photo of the Sussexes not to be visible during her Christmas speech.

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It seems like forever ago since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex{ =nofollow}made their shock announcement that they would be stepping back as senior royals. (In case you missed it, it was, actually, only in January last year.) Harry has previously said they made the difficult decision due to hostility from the UK press, but a new book suggest there might be another reason that the couple wanted to step back.

According to royal writer Christopher Andersen - the author behind new book Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan - it was Christmas 2019 which convinced Harry to leave the family. Why? Because the Queen did not have a picture of Harry and Meghan on her desk when she was reading her Christmas speech (and there was a photo of the Cambridges on display).

According to Andersen, this wasn't an oversight, and the Queen actually asked an aide to remove a photo of Harry and Meghan - because they'd decided to stay in Canada for Christmas that year. But understandably, the author says this upset Harry. 'Harry did feel as if he was being, according to a friend of his, was being erased slowly from the family,' the author told TODAY. 'That was quite the signal that the queen was sending.'

It's not certain what Harry and Meghan are going to be doing for Christmas this year, but with a pandemic, and with two young children, it's understandable if the couple don't fly from their home in California over to Sandringham, the Queen's estate in Norfolk. But it is believed they have been invited.

Last year, like many of us, the Queen wasn't able to spend the holidays with her loved ones, and she isolated at Windsor Castle with her late husband Prince Philip. It was the first time she hadn't spent the festive period at Sandringham since 1988.

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