Gigi Hadid Unfollows The Hills Star – And He Is Not Happy About It


by Edwina Langley |

Knowing when it's ok to unfollow someone you've not been in touch with for a while is always a tricky call. One thing we'd advise though, is not to unfollow them the moment they get in touch. You know, a 'midnight on a random Thursday' unfollow is fine. A 'Hiya, how's it going?' UNFOLLOW is hardly going to go unnoticed, is it?

Why are we talking about this? Because Gigi Hadid just made an unfollow faux pas (unless, of course, she meant to pointedly snub the person, who knows?!).

The Hills star Spencer Pratt sent a direct message to the supermodel recently, asking about the martial art training jiu jitsu. This was Gigi's response: unfollow.

[Tumble weed]

Taking to Twitter to convey his anger at the rebuff, the reality TV star wrote:

And then followed it up with:

Erm, ouch!

Whilst we doubt Gigi will be following him again any time soon, it might be worth raising the point that on Twitter one is able to 'mute'. So if you're having similar trouble, deciding whether to follow/unfollow that old friend, it might be best to just keep it friendly. Take the silent 'mute' route, and they'll never know.

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