Florence Pugh Says Timothee Chalamet Was Desperate To Be Part Of Her Little Women Girl Gang

‘Everything about that dynamic didn’t feel like we were welcoming a boy – it was really wonderful,’ she says.

Little Women

by Georgia Aspinall |

Florence Pugh has opened up about filming Little Women, revealing that Timothee Chalamet made the perfect addition to the girl gang she had with co-stars Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson and Eliza Scanlen.

Explaining that the sisterhood between the girls was as real off-screen as it was on, she told Glamour, ‘Timmy was so involved with all the girls.’

‘He was just as desperate to be a part of our gang as we were,’ Pugh continued. ‘He was instantly in with the jokes and the wrestling. Everything about that dynamic didn’t feel like we were welcoming a boy – it was really wonderful.’

Speaking affectionately of her on-screen boyfriend, she explained that the atmosphere on set was very supportive and powerful.

‘We really were a tight sisterhood and we knew it had to be that way in order for it to be real and believable,’ she said. ‘Whether it’s on or off screen, you’ll never get anything like the power of that support system and that belief we had in one another. We were ready to go to war for one another. If one of us has something to say, then we all have something to say!’

Pugh stars as Amy on the latest remake of Little Women, directed by Greta Gerwig. The film has been described as a modern twist on the 19th century tale and has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award. It follows the lives of four sisters coming of age in the aftermath of the civil war, with Chalamet playing Pugh’s romantic counterpart, Laurie.

Little Women hits UK cinemas on boxing day, the 26th December.

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