Is Princess Eugenie Following Meghan Markle Fan Accounts?

Is Princess Eugenie Following Meghan Markle Fan Accounts?

    By Phoebe Parke Posted on 18 Oct 2018

    Newly-wed Princess Eugenie has been pretty busy lately, planning a royal wedding with 800 guests, getting married in a televised ceremony broadcast to the world, and hosting a reception which featured dodgems, buckets of tequila and a performance of ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams.

    But she has somehow found time to keep up with the Sussex’s visit to Australia, liking a picture of Meghan Markle’s new hairstyle posted by one of the many fan accounts honouring Meghan.

    The account in question @_duchess_of_sussex has over 66,000 followers and posts updates on Meghan’s clothes and official engagements, along with Instagram stories highlights split into categories such as ‘Royal Tour’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Projects’.

    Meghan wore a low ponytail with a centre parting and diamond studs by Natalie Marie for her visit to Dubbo, leaving her usual messy bun/long wavy hair go-to looks behind for a more slicked back option, and it seems like Eugenie is a fan.

    Since Eugenie only follows 19 accounts, it’s understandable that she might have wondered over to her explore page, which is probably where she found that picture of Meghan’s hair. And with all the royal content she’s been posting from, you know, her own wedding last week – it’s no wonder the algorithm is serving up more royals as suggested content.

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    This also puts to bed any idea of a feud between Eugenie and Meghan, some were suggesting Eugenie was upset with the Duchess for sharing her baby news so soon after Eugenie’s wedding day – supposedly stealing the limelight, so perhaps this is a message to the world that there is no such friction between them.

    Hair stylist George Northwood has joined Meghan Markle on her tour of Australia, he worked with Meghan on her wedding reception hair back in May and has also worked with Alexa Chung and Alicia Vikander.

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