David Beckham, Unlikely Winner In US Midterm Elections

But his Miami football club isn’t quite A Thing yet…

David Beckham in Miami

by Sophie Wilkinson |

He’s a footballer, a media personality, a spokesmodel, a charity worker, entrepreneur and now David Beckham is an unlikely winner in the US midterms elections.

In the elections, the Democrat Party took control of the House of Representatives and the Republicans won basically everywhere else, enough for Donald Trump to declare he would be running for re-election in 2020. And, on top of the meaty decision of voting for candidates, Americans across the country were given referenda on a bunch of things - from cannabis legalisation, to, well, David Beckham’s future.

Though ex-England teammate Gareth Southgate now manages the current England squad, and various ex-footballers appear as pundits or football managers, Beckham has bigger ambitions, and wants to own his own club. Where? Miami.

As part of a years-long process for Beckham and other investors to create Club International de Futbol Miami - or Inter Miami for short - the plans for the stadium and a commercial complex were put to a public vote.

The Miami Referendum 1 - #378 - was the name of the poll, and to Beckham’s glee, about 60% of voters said YES to his plans.

At a press conference, he said: “What can I say other than thank you ... gracias ... what can I say?”

However, this doesn’t 100% clear the way for the stadium to be built, as an ethics complaint has been made. The complaint, which has set off an inquiry, sees a lawyer claim that Beckham and his business partners, including local philanthropists Jorge and Jose Mas, failed to register as lobbyists before asking for their stadium proposal to be put to a public vote.

In short, Beckham’s Miami future has gone two steps forward, one step back, but he still seems hopeful. As for the rest of the family? Victoria was once rumoured to be miffed that he would be spending time in Miami, away from his London-based family, but then some other rumours, that she was fine with it all, popped up.

Meanwhile, there are hints Brooklyn Beckham is ready to move out of his parents’ home, as he was photographed leaving a south-west London Sainsbury’s taking a load of flat-pack furniture from the shop to his car.

If you consider his parents’ nearest superstore Sainsbury’s is all the way up in Ladbroke Grove, which surely isn’t devoid of flat-pack furniture, and Brooklyn had a bit of paint on his trousers, perhaps this means the eldest of the Beckham children is making the move south of the river and doing some decorating and flat-pack building. That, or he’s not very good at working out what to take to a dinner party in Clapham...

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