All The Best Moments From Chrissy Teigen And John Legend’s Baby Shower

Chrissy Teigen baby shower

by Georgia Aspinall |

To follow Chrissy Teigen on any social media platform is to love her immediately. There seems to be no aspect of her life, despite her immense wealth and privilege, that she doesn’t appear down to earth, and in a constantly relatable mood. This was no exception during her and John Legend's baby shower on Sunday, a surprise because she, like all of us, hates having parties for herself.

However, when Kris Jenner is involved, there’s no turning down a party invite, and luckily for us, we were treated to a play-by-play of the entire evening. With a host of famous faces, there’s bound to be more than one memorable occasion, that’s why we’ve outlined the best moments from Chrissy’s fabulously cake-filled shower…

Kanye West played his new music and vibed with John Legend

Despite the public disagreement between the two when Kanye endorsed Trump on Twitter, the two are seemingly still best of friends. So much so that Kanye played John songs from his upcoming album, to which the two vibed out with the rest of their famous friends. It may look awkward to us, but apparently this is what celebrities do with each other.

Chrissy Teigen sat and ate all the cake while everyone else danced

Providing ALL the comedy relief from a somewhat cringe-worthy moment of celebrities feeling themselves a bit too much, our shining moment was when Chrissy sat on Kris Jenner’s counter eating cake while everyone else danced. She is literally ALL OF US.

Kris Jenner Bought Chrissy Five Carrot Cakes From Everywhere but her favourite bakery

Kris Jenner might be known to host the parties of the decade, but when it comes to carrot cake, Chrissy Teigen will not settle for just any – or just five – old cakes. She posted this snap ribbing Kris for not going to her favourite bakery for the desserts, to which Kris served us with the most meme-able sad face ever.

John Legend gave an impromptu-piano performance

We can only imagine Chrissy’s eye-roll when John sat down to perform a beautiful piano solo. Recorded by both Kim and Kanye, he delivered a similar music piece to his infamous ordinary people.

Chrissy sat on a collector’s item art piece

In typical Chrissy fashion, the hilarious model mistook an antique art piece for something she could sit on and have fun with, because who wouldn’t ride a life-sized sheep? The sheep may not look much like art, but according to Kim, ‘the fact that Chrissy is sitting on it, you art collectors will be mortified.’ Kris Jenner’s collector’s item is apparently quite close to her heart, as Kim warned Chrissy ‘I would get off before my mum comes and beats you.’

Chrissy, Kim and Jen Atkin took selfies while John and Kayne discussed the state of the union and North Korea

There were bound to be some serious discussions had between Kanye and John given their last form of communication was an awkward text exchange about Trump. However, while Chrissy and Kim’s group of famous friends discuss the state of the union and North Korea, they opted to take selfies, because let’s be honest, that’s way more fun.

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