Chrissy Teigen Gets Real About Giving Up Alcohol


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Unlike many members of the A-list, Chrissy Teigen is refreshingly honest. She’s spoken frankly about her issues with body confidence, her battle with postnatal depression, and just last week she opened up about her difficulties dealing with social media. Now, the model has spoken candidly about her tricky relationship with alcohol.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Teigen discussed her drinking habits, and admitted she didn’t like the way things were going. On holiday in Bali last year with husband John Legend and their daughter, Luna, Teigen came to realise that things needed to change.

‘I was, point blank, just drinking too much,’ she said.

‘I got used to being in hair and makeup and having a glass of wine. Then that glass of wine would carry over into me having one before the awards show. And then a bunch at the awards show. And then I felt bad for making kind of an ass of myself to people that I really respected. And that feeling, there's just nothing like that. You feel horrible. It's not a good look for me, for John, for anybody,’ Teigen explained.

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Teigen acknowledged that with her social lifestyle it was hard to say no to the drinking opportunities constantly thrown at her.

‘Imagine everything we have...Everything is there, always. I don't know how to go to an awards show and not drink,’ Teigen said.

While she’d love to be able to restrict her drinking, Teigen revealed she would struggle to ‘have just one drink.’

With alcohol abuse prevalent in her family and the medication she has been taking for her postpartum depression, Teigen decided it would be better to stay off the booze completely. ‘Alcohol is like the least thing that helps,’ Teigen said.

‘People think it's cutesy and fun to go on these boozy brunches, but there's more to it. I've never once been like, “I'm sure glad I had that boozy brunch!”’ Teigen joked.

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