The Top 10 Celebrity Carpool Karaoke Videos

After Adele's sweet goodbye to James Cordon, we've ranked the best Carpool Karaokes.

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James Cordenstruck TV gold when his show – The Late Late Show With James Corden – launched Carpool Karaoke. Who wouldn't want to watch A-listers sitting shot-gun singing along to their own hits?

The ever entertaining segment always hosts a combination of iconic performances and unique interviews. We also get to see celebrities relaxed and doing 'everyday' activities, Justin Bieber solving a Rubik's cube, Lady Gaga demonstrating her own (very shaky) driving skills.

But with James's hit show coming to an end, the internet went into meltdown after a particularly emotional Carpool Karaoke made the rounds...

As part of the final ever Carpool Karaoke, Adele took to the wheel to reminisce with the TV host about his favourite memories over the years - even revealing which of her songs is about James himself.

The clip has reignited our love for the segment - and with it finally time to wave goodbye, what better way to pay tribute than a look back at the very best of James's road trips. From Harry Styles to Britney Spears, here are the top 10 Carpool Karaoke's of all time (minus James's goodbye, of course)...

1. Adele and Nicki Minaj

Sorry, we just can't choose. The top spot has to be a tie - they are both as iconic as each other. Adele’s first video with James is the most viewed Carpool Karaoke of all time: the 2016 video has racked up 253 million views on Youtube – not bad! Nicki also kills it rapping along to her hit songs Starships and Do We Have A Problem? She even did her own (hilarious) Adele impersonation.

When can we expect an Adele and Nicki Manaj collaboration? The world is waiting!

2. Lady Gaga

In her Carpool Karaoke, we got to see Gaga effortlessly belt out songs from her 2016 album Joanne, plus earlier hits like Bad Romance. We also see Gaga take the wheel as she discusses some of her most controversial fashion moments. Anyone remember the meat dress?

3. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars cruised through the streets of Los Angeles singing like an angel. The thing that strikes us about this one is just how amazing Bruno sounds. He sounds as good as, if not better, than he does in his studio versions of hits like Versace on the Floor. Impressive.

4. Sia

This 2016 video is a throwback to the days when Sia hid behind oversized wigs and colourful bows. She hauntingly performs her hit songs including Chandelier and Rihanna's Diamonds (which she wrote), and also gets very honest about her past and why keeping her identity a mystery was so important.

5. Stevie Wonder

This right here is a legendary pairing. Stevie even brought his famous harmonica to jam out to Superstition. The musical icon also serenaded James's wife over the phone, which brought the host to tears.

6. One Direction

The screams of teenage girls could be heard across the globe when One Direction came together for Carpool Karaoke. Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson started off strong jamming along to mega hit You Don't Know You're Beautiful. James also made them change into matching denim shirts so they could perform his own choreography.

And for that, James, we'll always be grateful.

7. Madonna

Madonna's Carpool Karaoke might have been the most energetic of them all. She demonstrated an epic leg lift WHILST sitting in her seat and singing along to Vogue. She also casually spilled that she kissed Micheal Jackson back in the day. Leave it to Madonna to make a car ride entertaining...

8. Broadway Edition

Cue the Hamilton theme music! This was a very special edition where Broadway's brightest stars came together for a sing-a-long. James recruits Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jane Krakowski to get him through New York traffic while they sing tunes from Hamilton, Les Misérables and other Broadway classics. Bravo!

9. Michelle Obama

At the time of appearing on the show, Michelle was First Lady (and perhaps the coolest one the world will ever see?) Michelle is the only non-singer who has featured on the segment, and we're absolutely fine with that. To make up for her lack of musical talent, she did bring a special guest to help her out - Missy Elliott!

10. Elton John

It wouldn't be a true Elton John moment without some feathers and novelty eyewear - which is exactly what he brought to perform Circle Of Life and Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me.

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