9 Ridiculously Awkward Moments From The Love Island Reunion

The reunion created a lot of cringeworthy moments - here are the worst

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So, the key word from the Love Island reunion was AWKWARD.

Last night the highly anticipated reunion aired on ITV2. All 36 islanders (minus Jake) from this season of Love Island were reunited in one room, and like anything Love Island related it did not go smoothly.

There were so any awkward moments it was almost impossible to whittle them all down but we gave it a good go.

1. Millie, Liam and Lillie

Winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon were the first couple to join Laura on the couch to speak about their Love Island journey. It was all going well until Liam’s Casa Amor flame Lillie was asked to join them. First of all, they all erupted into fits of nervous laughter when speaking about the Casa Amor drama. Millie was sitting uncomfortably when Liam and Lillie reminisced on their past.

Liam said to Lillie,' I'm a nice person, you're a nice person. We can be friends, how's that?'

Lillie replied, 'Yeah definitely' . Cue awkward laughter from Millie.

2. Lucinda, Brad and Aaron

So, it turns out that Lucinda Stafford is no longer dating Brad McClelland OR Aaron Francis. As she was sat between the pair she relayed that actually she just wants to be friends with both. In true Lucinda style she dominated the chat, and Aaron only spoke about two words throughout the entire segment.

3. Mary and Aaron

The former love birds couldn’t have sat further apart if they tried. A mere few weeks ago we saw them on our screens vowing to make a go of things, however last night Mary Bedford revealed that a personal tragedy in her family meant she just wants to remain friends. A few weeks before the reunion on Instagram Mary revealed that her nan had died during her time on the show - she was faced with the devastating news when she came out of the villa.

Aaron Simpson added to the awkwardness by revealing to Laura 'it was not my choice to end it.’ The night before the reunion Aaron revealed to The Sun that Mary had ‘ghosted’ him. A sad end to a relationship we had high hopes for. Well, for Love Island anyway.

4. Kaz, Tyler and Clarisse

Now we all know how this went on screen: Tyler dumped Clarisse for Kaz because they had a better connection and Clarisse was not happy about it.

After leaving the island Clarisse also said, ‘In the real-world Tyler would have chosen me’ and liked some pretty shady comments about Kaz on social media. It has now been reported she has also unfollowed the pair on Instagram, which does make sense - who wants to see an ex moving on?

However, when asked about the couple on the reunion she seemed to change her tune stating she is 'happy for them.'

The awkward silence that followed was enough to make anyone tense up.

5. Liberty and Jake

Jake didn't face the music at the reunion as we were hoping because he was reportedly feeling unwell. Luckily for us the pair had already filmed some scenes previously which aired on the reunion show.

Jake claimed, ‘ I have FaceTimed you a couple times’, which Liberty shut down saying 'it was just once.’

She continued, ‘I feel like there hasn’t been any effort to make it work properly.’

He replied, ‘Even if we had been together it wouldn’t have worked, I’m too busy.’

And with that, Liberty's instincts were proven to be very much right.

6. Hurricane Faye

There is no denying that Faye’s 'Mad Movies' blow up was uncomfortable viewing. But it was even more awkward when Faye had to watch it back whilst on the main stage with Teddy.

As hurricane Faye was replayed for all to see she looked anywhere but at the screen whilst Teddy whispered in her ear (hopefully some comforting words).

After the video played Faye admitted she has not watched any of the show back and has no desire to. She awkwardly mentioned that she would have complained about her outburst too if she was watching – in reference to the 25,000 Ofcom complaints her outburst had.

7. Hugo and his ‘exes’

Hugo Hammond sat on the end of a line-up of his former flames Sharon, Georgia, Amy and AJ while they all reminisced about their lacklustre romances with the PE teacher. Being rated by all your most recent exes on national TV? That's like all of your worst nightmares coming true at once.

8. Hugo and Chloe

As if it couldn't get any worse, Hugo was then quizzed in front of everyone about whether the reason why he didn’t give any of them a real chance was because of his feelings for Chloe.

Hugo fiercely denied this claim but for many viewers and fellow islanders (thanks Georgia) that’s exactly what happened.

Meanwhile Chloe was sitting with boyfriend Toby and erupted into fits of laughter at the suggestion of romance between the pair. The ultimate shade.

9. Casa Amor islanders getting no screen time…

Whilst it was reported that a lot of the Casa Amor islanders were there, they got zero airtime. We wanted more Salma, Sam and Kaila but it looks like it was another wasted journey for the bombshells.

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