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This Is Why Blake Lively Has Unfollowed Ryan Reynolds On Instagram

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Blake Lively’s social media presence is, like many hilarious celebrities, a constant source of entertainment. Whether it’s the fashion inspiration, the Gossip Girl throwbacks or the jibes at husband Ryan Reynolds, Blake is known for her social media savviness. That’s why when she deleted all of her posts and unfollowed everyone including Ryan, the world panicked.

Had the Cambridge Analytica scandal got to her? Is she too taking a social media cleanse to avoid data breaches and break away from the unhealthy attachment to our online presence? Well, now we have answers, and it’s really not that deep.

Essentially, she’s pulling a Taylor Swift, or a Zayn Malik, and deleting all of her social media presence in preparation for an upcoming project she’s involved in. The latest publicity stunt of choice, celebrities are taking to cleansing their social media just before the release of a movie or album, seemingly in an attempt to drum up buzz around the project (which as you can see, since we’re talking about it now, it does).

In Blake’s case, it’s the film A Simple Favour. How do we know it’s a promotional stunt and not a full social media crackdown on everyone she loves? Her new following list. Blake currently follows 27 people, all named Emily Nelson, the name of her character in the film. Plus, her bio now only reads ‘What happened to Emily?’

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A Simple Favour follows a vlogger, Stephanie (played by Anna Kendrick) who sets out to find out why her best friend Emily Nelson (Blake) has disappeared from their town. The film comes out in September, but never fear, we don’t doubt that Blake will be back on Instagram before then.

This is just one of many publicity stunts in the run up to her latest film, previously posting a ‘fashion marathon’ where she showed off four pairs of Louboutin’s in 24 hours in another, somewhat bizarre, attempt to promote the upcoming movie.

Alas, Blake will continue to serve us divine fashion moments on Instagram in no time. Until then, maybe one of us should create an Emily Nelson account to get that illusive follow request.

Missing Blake's old Instagram? Don't worry, we have her archived images here...