Chrissy Teigen Tried This Viral Twitter Game To Become Beyonce’s Assistant… And Got Fired

And if we’re being honest, you’re probably not tough enough for this viral thread either...


by Bonnie McLaren |
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to beBeyoncé’sassistant? What it would be like to help one of the most successful women in the world go about her day, as she looks after her three kids (Rumi, Sir and Blue Ivy), makes savvy business decisions, releases hit records and slays headline performances? If you have, you’re in luck - as this viral choose-your-own adventure thread on Twitter reveals exactly what it takes to help Beyoncé. (And, to be honest, most of us aren’t cut out for it.)

The thread, which was created by Green Chyna (aka @CORNYASSBITCH), has been played thousands of times - and it forces you to make painstaking decisions over what Queen Bey should have for breakfast and whether the megastar should go swimming.

Since it was created over the weekend it has garnered over 250,000 likes, with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen - and even her assistant! - getting involved. ‘This is amazing and really well done, I got fired about 3 in,’ she wrote, adding, ‘My own assistant just got fired on the very first question.' Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw tweeted, 'This is amazing and I got fired.' Meanwhile, another user compared the game to the interactive episode of Black Mirror, saying, 'That Beyonce's assistant thread is better than the Black Mirror Bandersnatch episode.'

The thread’s creator, 19-year-old Landon Rivera, told BuzzFeed News that it took him five hours to create the game. He added, ‘It’s pretty much divided off common logic and some Beyoncé trivia. I know more than enough about Beyoncé, so I decided, why not make it about working with her?'

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