Wait, Kim Cattrall Has A Rival Show To And Just Like That?

Just in time for Pride month, Netflix's 'Glamorous' is set to steal the limelight

Kim Cattrall in Glamorous

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Kim Cattrall is about to return to the Big Apple in a very 'glamorous' way, with her new Netflix show set to rival And Just Like That. Just days after it was confirmed that the star would briefly reprise her role as Samantha in Sex and the City spin-off And Just Like That, Netflix have debuted their new show Glamorous - starring none other than Kim.

According to the synopsis, Glamorous will tell the story of Marco Mejia (Miss Benny), a queer, gender non-conforming makeup artist whose life seems to be stuck in place until they land a job working for legendary makeup mogul Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall). It’s Marco’s (who goes by them/them) first chance to figure out what they want out of life and what it really means for to be queer.

With a dazzling cast and diverse representation, it's Drag Race meets The Devil Wears Prada

Kim Cattrall and Miss Benny in Glamorous. Courtesy of Netflix.

Most interesting of all, the show is set to premiere on the exact same day as And Just Like That – setting the two shows up to be instant rivals, following Kim's longstanding feud with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sex and the City fans were left overjoyed after it was recently revealed Samantha would return to the show. But according to People, Kim’s cameo of the show won’t be seen until the season finale. And reported by Variety, Kim’s character will speak on the phone with Carrie Bradshaw, having filmed the scene ‘without seeing or speaking with the stars of the series.’

With Kim’s new show in the running to steal And Just Like That’s thunder, here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s Glamorous...

Who does Kim Cattrall play in Glamorous?

Kim stars in the show as cosmetics mogul Madolyn Addison, who recruits young, non-binary makeup artist Marco Mejia (Miss Benny).

Who plays Marco in Glamorous, Miss Benny?

Miss Benny as Marco. Courtesy of Netflix.

Miss Benny - also known as Ben J. Pierce - is a non-binary singer, Youtuber and actor. The 24 year old comes from Dallas, Texas, and landed their first acting job at the age of just 11.

After rising to fame on YouTube in 2010, their debut music video 'Little Game' went viral in 2014. Since then, they've worked as a songwriter and recording artist under the name Miss Benny!

Who is in the Glamorous cast?

The series already has a pretty impressive ensemble alongside Kim and Miss Benny, including queer talents such as _Dynasty’_s Jade Payton and Daisy Jones and the Six’s Ayesha Harris.

Guest stars will also include RuPaul’s Drag Race queens Monet X Change and Priyanka.

When does Glamorous come out on Netflix_?_

Just in time for Pride month, the new series premieres 22 June – the exact that same day that And Just Like That returns to HBO Max.

How can I watch Glamorous?

The show will air on Netflix, adding to the show's ever-growing collection of bingeworthy TV shows!

Watch the Glamorous trailer here

You can watch the trailer right here!

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