Wimbledon Star Talks About Having Her Period While Playing

Is the all white dress code fair on female players?


by Laura Capon |

Whether you're watching Wimbledon for the fashion, the royal appearances or the actual tennis, you're likely to be just as gripped as the rest of the country.

Two weeks of watching the likes of Rafa Nadal, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic rally on our TV screens (or in actual person if you got lucky with the ballot) in their all white outfits, on that perfect green court makes you proud to be British, but one tennis player has brought attention to a very valid point

While Nick Kyrgios walked onto Centre Court on Monday wearing red Jordan trainers, British tennis player and Wimbledon 2022 quarter finalist, Alicia Barnett has spoken out about a more practical reason making that dress code difficult for female players.

"Personally, I love the tradition of all-whites and I think we will handle it pretty well," Alicia began. "I think being on your period on the tour is hard enough, but to wear whites as well isn't easy but girls can handle it. We're pretty tough when it comes down to it"

It's pretty infuriating when you think about it. Granted we're not professional tennis players, but there's no way you'd catch us in a pair of white jeans when it's that time of the month. And as much as we love the cleanness of the Wimbledon dress code, it clearly wasn't designed with women in mind.

It's not just our periods either. I think we all remember in 2017 when Venus Williams was forced to change her pink bra mid-match after complaints from officials. It begs the question if the female anatomy is considered in these rules.

As our menstrual cycles seem to be clouded in mystery, Alicia also spoke about how her period affects her play.

"Your body feels looser, your tendons get looser, sometimes you feel like you're a lot more fatigued, sometimes your co-ordination just feels really off, and for me I feel really down and it's hard to get that motivation.

"Obviously, you're trying to play world-class tennis but it's really hard when you're PMS-ing and you feel bloated and tired. Why do we need to be shy about talking about it? I know men aren't shy about talking about a lot of things."

Nick Kyrgios' defiance in his post match interview when questioned on his rule breaking, only cements Alicia's point further and while as women we all know that feeling of just getting on with it, maybe this is the start of an important conversation that needs to be heard.

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