Meghan Markle Was Spotted Wearing These NuCalm Stress Patches, So How Do They Work?

These high-tech patches claim to promote calm by hacking your body's response to stress

Meghan Markle

by Sameeha Shaikh |
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The Duchess of Sussex is well known for her classic sartorial style, signature glossy waves and minimalist take on make-up, but she's just added a new accessory into the mix and fans and wellness buffs alike are intrigued. This weekend, while taking a stroll in Montecito, California, wrapped up in a camel Max Mara coat and blue Hermès scarf, Meghan was spotted wearing an anti-stress patch (blue, too, of course) on the inside of her left wrist, namely the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc.


Where can you buy NuCalm stress patches?

Sold in packs of 20 or 100 in the US, which cost upwards of $80 (with an additional $50 due if you're looking to pay for shipping outside of the USA), it's piece of new gen wellness tech that claims to come with a whole host of stress busting benefits.

How do NuCalm's stress patches work?

NuCalm’s stick-on offering - according to the brand's description page - comes with the tagline, 'get the neuroscience of the 22nd century, today', but is it really worth its newfound hype? According the NuCalm's website, the Biosignal Processing Discs 'provide the neurochemistry to accelerate the onset of the relaxation response.'

Much like other biohacking tools, these patches are made to activate the parasympathetic nervous system – unlike the sympathetic nervous system's 'fight or flight' response, this system is responsible for the body’s relaxation response and plays a big part in regulating digestion, heart rate, and breathing.

The NuCalm's discs tap 'into the body’s Pericardium Meridian with particular electromagnetic frequencies of inhibitory neurotransmitters to interrupt the HPA axis and downregulate sympathetic tone'. Put ever so slightly more plainly - you're welcome - the NuCalm claims to be able to hack your body's parasympathetic nervous system to restore calm and ease mild anxiety.

When placed on the inside of your left wrist (also known as the pericardium-6 acupuncture point responsible for, among other things like easing motion sickness, tempering stress) the NuCalm disc sends signals to your parasympathetic nerve fibres, telling them to calm and slow down your body's response to stress.

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Promising a whole host of wellbeing benefits, these small patches are made to reducing stress,


  • They've got to be doing something right if the Duchess of Sussex has taken to wearing them.


  • They're not exactly readily available across the pond. A pack will set you back $80, a price nearly matched by the overseas delivery costs of $50, and that's before you factor in any spontaneous customs charges.
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