The 10 Minute Pilates Workout You Can Do At Your Desk

The first stretch is everything


by Annie Vischer |

Whether you're working from home, hybrid working or back in the office full time, the likelihood is that you spend the majority of your day sitting at your desk and tapping away at a computer. The average worker spends around 10 hours a day sitting, and that can have real consequences when it comes to muscle tension.

Harley Street osteopath Stephen Sacks cites a forward head posture - the sort you create when peering into your laptop or phone - as one of the leading causes of muscle tension in the neck, and tension headaches. 'When the head is set forward, the supporting postural muscles work overtime to keep the head on the spine,' says Sacks, 'once these muscles are held taught for too long, they develop little knots called myofascial triggers, and these can lead to tension headaches.’

Sacks says that one of the best things we can do to ward off neck ache, back ache and tension headaches is to adopt a daily stretching practice. Movement is key, and coming up with a routine that slots easily into your day-to-day life is paramount too.

Sian Marshall, founder and studio owner of U Pilates, has been teaching Pilates for 15 years and recently formulated a quick, 10 minute chair Pilates workout that is convenient enough to factor in on a daily basis. Try it once and see if you don't get hooked:

Watch: The 10 Minute Pilates Workout You Can Do At Your Desk

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