Hailey Bieber Uses This £26 Concealer And A £32 Tinted SPF To Get Her Signature Glow

And yes, both are available to buy in the UK

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Hailey Bieber is well-versed in the art of a beauty routine reveal. Taking to TikTok this week, the model filmed a brief run-through of her daily make-up regimen alongside the caption: 'I tried to do my everyday skin prep/get ready situation but I ran out of time. At the end, I added a little cheek tint and brushed up my eyebrows.'

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Cheek tint and brushed-up brows aside, Hailey filmed the majority of her quick beauty how-to to the camera. First, she blended one pump of moisturiser with a bronze-looking liquid - likely something like Oskia's Nutri-Bronze Adaptive Sheer Tinted Serum, £62, though neither product was entirely discernible.

Next came the Elta MD Clear Broad-Spectrum Tinted SPF 40, £36.99. It's a lightweight sunscreen that absorbs quickly into skin, contains hyaluronic acid - a renowned hydrator - and offers up sheer levels of pigment that will tick boxes for anyone who errs on the low side of coverage when choosing a base, like Hailey.

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Watch: Hailey Bieber's Daily Make-Up Tutorial

On top of her base, Hailey applies Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer, £26. Kosas is a brand that hails from LA and works to serve up kind-to-skin make-up full of skincare-like benefits. This concealer, for example, is packed with squalane, a natural antioxidant and a brilliant emollient that helps to moisturise and soften your complexion. Hailey dabs hers on with the applicator before blending and pressing in with a tiny makeup sponge.

Eager to give this Mrs-Bieber-approved beauty step-by-step a try? Shop two of its star products below:

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Shop: Hailey Bieber's Favourite Concealer And Tinted SPF


Shop: Hailey Bieber's Favourite Tinted SPF

Elta MD Clear Broad-Spectrum Tinted SPF 40
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Hailey Bieber applied this tinted SPF during a TikTok daily make-up routine how-to and it's available to buy on Amazon.


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