TikTok’s Brow Mapping Filter Could Be The Secret To Your Best Eyebrow Shape Yet

Time to say goodbye to uneven brows

TikTok's Brow Mapping Filter perfect eyebrows

by Remy Farrell |

If you've tried – and failed – at plucking, threading, waxing, laminating, and tinting and just want an easier way to groom your eyebrows, allow us to introduce you to 'brow mapping,' the new craze that's sweeping TikTok.

Brow mapping is an eyebrow shaping technique that uses the structure of your facial features to ascertain the perfect shape for your eyebrows. By strategically focusing on key areas of your face, specifically the eyes, nose and cupids bow, you can achieve salon quality symmetry, and make sure your brows should start and end in the right place. And Tiktok, the home of viral beauty hacks, has just made it that much easier.

The 'Eyebrows' filter by @gracemchoi scans your face for 'the golden ratio', and draws symmetrical lines from centre of the top lip, through the pupil and up through the eyebrow to work out where your brow should arch, and also runs from the corner of the nose, past the corner of your eye for the ideal finishing point. Following straight up alongside your nose give you the start point, and if you make little dots with a brow pencil at each point, once the filter is off, you have the ideal framework to shape those brows.

Following your natural brow shape, connect the dots and brush through with a fibre gel for a 'fluffed up' effect and fill in any sparse areas with small brushstrokes with a fine-tipped pen applicator for the most natural results. And, if a fashionably skinny brow is your goal, use the same structure to guide your plucking, and use a softer pencil to join the dots for a less severe finish. Whoever said eyebrows had to be 'sisters and not twins'?

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