Abbey Clancy’s PT Reveals 5 Golden Exercises For A Pre And Post Pregnancy Workout

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Abbey Clancy Pregnancy Fitness Workouts

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If you are pregnant and looking for guidance on workouts and exercises for before, during and after pregnancy, Abbey Clancy's go-to PT and celebrity fitness trainer, Max Rogers is here to help. When he's not coaching his celebrity client base he's filming workouts for online dance and fitness platform move Home Studio (to find out more click here) that currently contains up to 250 hours of content - we're talking dance classes (some even taught by Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt), yoga, pilates and even musical theatre - so, if you've embraced WFH (that's 'workouts from home') in 2020, this could well be your new BFF.

Fun fact, Max is also married to fellow move Home Studio instructor Kimberly Wyatt, with whom he has three children. Needless to say he knows a thing or two about pre and post natal fitness, so Grazia jumped at the opportunity to lock down his favourite pregnancy-friendly exercises. Here's what Max had to say:

'The first thing to note is that every human is different and therefore responds to exercise in a different way. This is never more relevant than when pregnant. As a family with three kids we know that each individual pregnancy can be different. As a result there is no one-size-fits-all approach to training, especially pre and post natal when you have the added safety considerations involved in navigating a changing body.'

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'Pregnancy, though, is not an illness and does not mean you must stop exercising. Where possible, and when it's safe, you can keep exercising if you wish to. I would not advise taking up a new sport but rather continuing activities that your body is used to whilst checking in regularly with your doctor'.

'There are important safety considerations that you should be aware of and these change and increase throughout and after pregnancy so it's important to be well-advised throughout.'

Things To Keep In Mind During Pregnancy

For Max there are certain aspects of pregnancy that govern the way your may choose to exercise. Max uses the pelvic floor as a particular example. 'Your pelvic floor is a real instrument in the process of childbirth,' says Max, 'and it is likely to need rehab post natally, especially after a natural birth. It is a good idea to start building strength there both early on and throughout your pregnancy.'

There's your lower back to consider, too. 'After carrying weight during pregnancy it is likely that the lower back will become lordotic and the upper back kyphotic,' that's curved in shape to you and me, 'which is likely to be further compounded by breast feeding. There are simple and safe exercises that can counter these effects and help to bring back comfort and strength.'

Max Roger's Top 5 Exercises For Pre And Post Pregnancy

Max has revealed his top exercises for pre and post pregnancy workouts to Grazia, read up on them all below:

The Pelvic Floor Routine

'Pelvic floor exercises will help support your core for life and they become increasingly important during pregnancy to help with childbirth.' Says Max. 'The great thing about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere at any time. Plus, people have no idea you're working out.'

  1. 'To activate your pelvic floor simply imagine you are using the toilet and stop the "flow".That muscle there, is your pelvic floor.'
  1. 'Start by simply switching that muscle on and off and work towards being able to control and hold for 3 - 5 breaths. Once you've mastered that try counting back from 5 while slowly and gradually releasing your pelvic floor. You are at super hero level now, well done!'

The Swan Dive

'This is a classic Joesph Pilates exercise and its great for strengthening and mobilising the upper back. It works to counter the rounding of the shoulders caused by pregnancy and breast feeding, and everyday things like sitting at a desk.'

**NOTE: '**This exercise should be avoided in the second half of pregnancy and until after the immediate post natal period, once you have the 'sign-off' from your doctor,' emphasises Max.

Prone And Supine Hollows

  1. 'Simply breathe in as far as you can, allow your core to feel like it is "shrink wrapping" your lower torso, as you breathe out try to hold on to that shrink wrapping and you'll notice the activation of your inner core. 4 or 5 good long breaths is a sign you are warrior!'
  1. 'In the prone or supine positions extend your arms overhead and stretch your body as much as you can, try to resist the body's urge to fight back as you breathe out and this will provide an all over body workout that is much tougher than it looks!'

NOTE: 'Make sure to switch to a seated position during the second half of pregnancy'.

Block Hip Tilts

'This is such a subtle movement,' says Max, 'but it helps stabilise and balance your pelvis which can be affected by pregnancy, childbirth and then simply carrying your baby for a long time after pregnancy.'

it proved to be so effective for Kimberly immediately after childbirth but it is also very useful to help her prepare for her signature leg-tilt as a Pussycat Doll!

'This is one of my favourite exercises because it proved to be so effective for Kimberly immediately after childbirth but it is also very useful to help her prepare for her signature leg-tilt as a Pussycat Doll!'

  1. 'Stand with one foot comfortably on a block. While keeping your standing knee straight and lengthening the spine out of your hips so as to not slump into the hips, hover your other foot above the floor (in line with your standing foot)'
  1. 'Maintaining the straight knees and lengthened spine, bend your standing knee and lower your floating foot towards the ground and back up again to complete a rep. The goal is to allow movement only in the pelvis, keeping the lower back and legs stable and therefore recruiting muscles in and around the pelvis and hips.'
Max Rogers
©Max Rogers

Knee Pops

These are one of Max's favourite exercises. 'No one ever realises how much they need this exercise until they try it. It can be done as part of a workout, as a warm up or simply during the ad break whilst watching TV.' Max continues, 'the exercise strengthens and mobilises your hip flexors, which often get ignored and therefore the initial pain is real but the benefits are pretty much life-changing, especially for those with regular pain in their lower back caused by all that life throws at us, not least pregnancy and childbirth.'

  1. 'Sit on the floor with your legs out wide and lengthen your spine out of your hips. Place your hands either side of one knee and, without slouching at the lower back, press your knee into the ground and notice the air between your heel and the floor.'
  1. 'From there extend out through your heel bone, keeping your knee pressed down without slouching to lift your leg off the ground. Notice the screaming pain in your hip flexor! From here you can experiment with rotating at the hips and traveling your foot over books or blocks or small pets such as a dog or cat.'
  1. 'From the raised position, draw your knee toward your chest, keeping your hip knee and ankle in line as if on rails. Your toes should remain pointing upwards throughout.'

NOTE: This exercise is slightly more complicated and strenuous so only attempt it if you're experienced and have gone through the movements with a qualified trainer before.**

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