The Hair Mask That Transformed Michelle Keegan’s Holiday Hair Is On Sale For £9

Michelle Keegan sent fans into a spin when she posted the results of this hair mask on Instagram

Michelle Keegan Hair Mask

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Michelle Keegan's hair is the envy of many of is. It's long, thick, shiny, you name it. Needless to say when the Our Girl actress took to IGTV to talk her 4.6 million followers through her 'haircare Sunday' a fair few tuned in. It turns out one of the secrets behind her much-envied hair is a humble hair mask. In her caption Michelle wrote 'I got sent this hair mask from @giveme.cosmetics and I'm not joking, the results are...AMAZING! Took it on holiday and haven't stopped using it since, wait til the end to see the results.'

Watch: Michelle Keegan's Hair Transformation

In the video Michelle says 'obviously because of my job, my hair can get really damaged. It can look dry, it can look dull, so I'm constantly trying to find products to replenish my hair.' She continued, 'I got sent a product not long ago, a hair mask, and I took it on holiday with me, and I"ll be honest, I'd never heard of it before, didn't know whether it was going to work. I used it once and the results were amazing. It's from Give Me Cosmetics. I'm going to do a quick video now to show you how to apply itand then show you the results.'

I literally put it on once a week and that's me done

Michelle then goes from top-know to damp hair and says, 'so once you've washed and towel-dried your hair, put a bit of the product on your hand and apply it from root to tip all over your hair. It's got argan oil and coconut oil in it so it smells unbelievable.' Michelle smooths the hair mask through her lengths before continuing, 'you leave it in for about ten to fifteen minutes and wash it out.' Cut again the Michelle's hair - dry, glossy, full of body and her shine levels are off the charts. 'So that's it, my hair's been blow-dried and it feels so soft,' exclaims Michelle, 'It looks really really shiny. I literally put it on once a week and that's me done.' - needless to say we're making a grab for this hair mask ASAP, as, we're sure, are a whole host of her followers - the video has racked up an incredible 1 million views and counting. Shop said transformational hair mask below.

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Michelle Keegan's Favourite Hair Mask

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Give Me Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask, £9

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