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Tattoos have had quite the makeover in recent years. Thanks to starlets like Rihanna and Cara Delevingne, tattoos are pretty haute these days.

The key to choosing a fashion-forward tattoo? Skip the names of boyfriends (always advisable when it comes to permanent body art, to be honest) and anything too intricate and go for a minimalist design instead. Think simple, clean lines, or regular geometric patterns and you're onto a winner.

Click through to see our favourite tiny tattoos, all via Little Ink on Tumblr

Tiny tattoos have been making waves for a while year - first on Tumblr and Pinterest and seeping into our Instagram feed, we've been seeing more delicate daisy chains, subtle patterns and quirky characters, all discreetly inked onto wrists, shoulders and the backs of necks - and we want in.

If you're a maximalist, have no fear. Just make like Rihanna and go for countless individual little tattoos and build a body art canvas. RiRi has 22 etchings (and counting) on her neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and even her ankles (more on that here).

Her inkings include tribal prints, stars down her back, an Egyptian goddess on her chest, Henna patterns, a scorpion sign and sanskrit. She also has the birthday of her best friend and manager Melissa Forde in Roman numerals, her own date of birth on her ankle, and a piece of script which reads ‘Never A Failure, Always A Lesson’ backwards on her shoulder.

RiRi's tatts, via Getty

All adding up to an eclectic collection which she shows off to full effect with her racy red carpet style - Cara on the other hand has 18. It all started in May 2013 when she had a lion tattooed onto her index finger. She came clean about her tattoo obsession to Grazia Daily, whispering "I can't stop!"

Cara's tattoos go beyond the drawings on her body - they have been the main feature of ad campaigns (see her Tag Heuer ad), were referenced in her range of Mulberry handbags and have even been copied on the catwalk (models at Giamba fashion show were covered in Cara-esque temporary tatts).

via Instagram and Getty
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