A Complete Guide To Rihanna’s Tattoos

Rihanna at Fashion Awards

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It's no secret Rihanna loves to change up her look - she's a hair chameolon and her tattoo collection is ever-growing. She has more than 22 etchings on her neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and even her ankles.

And now she's got another one! As revealed by famed tattoo artist Keith McCurdy (otherwise known as 'Bang Bang'), Rihanna has recently had the design of a camouflage shark inked onto her ankle.

What's the significance? Well, reports suggest it's linked to rapper Drake (who recently declared his love for Rihanna, live, on-stage at the VMAs as he presented her with the Vanguard Award). The couple were spotted on a date in August at Toronto Aquarium and afterwards Drake posted a picture to Instagram of the couple, featuring them holding a toy shark. Rihanna was later photographed carrying it in a bag.

VF.com contacted Bang Bang for more details on the tattoo, but all he could say was: 'The significance is personal'. He did, however, reveal the design was his favourite of those he's inked for the Work singer.

Whether we will ever know the true meaning of it however, remains to be seen. But in the mean time, let's take a look at the other tattoos Rihanna has acquired so far...

Her inkings include tribal prints, stars down her back, an Egyptian goddess on her chest, Henna patterns, a scorpion sign and sanskrit. She also has the birthday of her best friend and manager Melissa Forde in Roman numerals, her own date of birth on her ankle, and a piece of script which reads ‘Never A Failure, Always A Less’ backwards on her shoulder. All adding up to an eclectic collection which she shows off to full effect with her racy red carpet style.

Her Henna inspired hand tattoo is probably her most distinctive inking, but started out as a simple Mauri pattern. Though after deciding she wanted to add to the tribal tattoo, she had her favourite tattooist Bang Bang flown 1,500 miles to the Dominican Republic in order to add the henna pattern over the top. Now that's dedication to ink!

As mentioned above, New York based Bang Bang, aka Keith McCurdy, is well known as being the tattooist of choice to many A-listers, including Rihanna's friend Cara Delevingne, but also Katy Perry and Justin Bieber - to name a few. He's known for creating some of the most vivid tattoos out there. He takes his moniker from the two guns that are tattooed on his neck. Incredibly he taught himself his craft in his mother's kitchen.

Take a look at all of Rihanna's tattoos in the gallery below.


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